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6 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Family

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Home health care services will not be justified until you take measures to enhance your health. As the clock strikes 12 am on 31st December ever year, people make zillions of resolutions and promises in a year that they fail to abide by and thus demotivate themselves by the time year ends. This year with let Healers at Home assist you in making and sticking to the top 6 new year resolutions for the family:

Start your day with vigor!

Breakfast is an important meal of the day and if you are able to renovate your beginning you have won half the battle. Eat something less fatty but high in carbs and protein to keep you full. Include poha, dosa, idli, whole wheat sandwich, eggs or fruits as breakfast. Avoid tea or coffee and opt for green tea instead to keep you metabolism rate excellent throughout the day.


Hitting the gym is not mandatory. Gym sessions can be boring too. You can bring a twist to your resolution with Healers at Home. We, provide expert yoga teachers right at your doorstep at your convenient time, where the entire family can mix, mingle and grow healthy in comfort!


More chill, less social media:

As parents or as kids, try to strike a conversation with your family. Nothing can be more pleasing and beneficial that a warm bond within the family. Especially when there are elders at your home, children and grandchildren should make it a point to involve them in every activity to avoid them feeling left out. If you are still unable to do the needful, with Healers at Home, our nurses and their home care services can be a temporary helping hand by being a mere companion to looking after seniors hygiene care as a part of our home health services.

H2O therapy:

Water is a highly ignored aspect in life. Whenever you feel thirsty for caffeine or soda, dump it for water. Keep a bottle handy constantly so that you don’t feel lazy to get up every time.


You can never be in the pink of health is hygiene goes for a toss. Remember to wash your hands before every meal and make sure that everyone in the family follows the same procedure.

Be an early-riser:

Since age 5, we know, early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. Why not implement something to reap the perks? Enough sleep and sufficient rest prepares your body for the next day and restores problems in the body physically or mentally if any.

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