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6 Easy Desk Yoga Exercises You Can Do in the Office.


Sitting at a desk or doing office work for hours cause unnecessary strain on the lumbar spine, in arms, in the neck, shoulder, and lower back. Besides these, obesity, depression and anxieties also rise. Try this simple corporate yoga exercises for stress at the office when you are unable to join the yoga class.

  1. Seated Crescent Moon Pose

As you arched over a computer for up to 10 hours, not only your neck and shoulder, the whole body feels uncomfortable. Seated Crescent Moon pose is one of the best corporate yoga exercises for fixing different body pains and it helps you to have an erect spine, a free head, and good concentration.Raise your arms up with stretched fingers and touch them. Slant to the right and take 2 to 3 deep breaths. Then do this on the other side with 2 to 3 deep breaths.

Seated Crescent Moon Pose
  1. Wrist and Finger Stretches

Working in computer creates stress in the muscles and tendons in the fingers, hands, and wrists. In this case, you have to stretch your fingers in every 2 hours to increase extra blood flow to these areas.Place your hands on the table, facing your palms towards you. Make 5 to 10 circles by the palm through the wrists. Then open and close the fists, 5 to 10 times. These yoga exercises can ease excess tension.

You can stretch the fingers and can also stretch the wrist and forearm. These desk yoga poses can be done by sitting on the desk and you don’t need to go anywhere.

Wrist & Finger Streches
  1. Chair Pigeon Pose

Cross the legs while seated, when you feel pain on one side or in the hips and lower spine. Chair Pigeon pose can decrease these by bringing balance between the two sides.

While you are in your chair, take your right leg and put on the left at a 90-degree angle. Keep the foot bent by which pressure will be not be exerted on the knee. You can also do this on the other side by straight.

Chair Pigeon Pose
  1. Desk Chaturanga or Desk Upward Dog Pose

You can use your desk to do these yoga pushups. After working the whole day you must be feeling tired and your muscles must be paining. To decrease the pain you can do this desk yoga.

Come out of your chair, press your hands on the border of any strong desk, and put your feet strongly back. So your whole body is in a slanting line to the floor. Breathe in when you bend the elbows at a right angle and touch them to the ribs. Exhale and come back to the initial position. Do this desk yoga 10 to 12 times.

Desk Chaturanga

5. Sit and Stand Chair Pose

After working all day, the less used glute muscles and hamstrings lose their motion and we feel pain in getting back up. You can do this yoga exercise to stimulate the leg muscles to stand and walk properly.

Sit straight with keeping your knees at 90 degrees and press down your heels by making the feet flat. Do not try to move the feet towards the chair or use your hands and try to stand up. Then sit slowly without leaning forward or transferring the hips to one side or the other. Do this for 5 to 10 times.

Sit & Stand Chair Pose
  1. Desk Plank Pose

Desk plank pose is another good yoga exercise to lessen pain in the spine and other leg muscles. For this yoga use your desk to help in spine-lengthening and hamstring stretching.

Place your palms on the edge of the desk. Press your feet back with stretching the spine. It will create a pleasant feeling of traction for your spine. Take 5 to 10 breaths. This yoga exercise will help you in decreasing all the pains of sitting.

Desk Plank Pose
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