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6 Best Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

Do you cringe when you have to pick something from a heighted place, or throw a ball or merely move your arm? If yes, you might be suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome. Frozen means cold and stiff and thus a frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis is a condition where the shoulder is rigid and throbs when moved. This condition is common with the age group 40-60. With limited or no activity due to frozen shoulder performing any task gets difficult and causes frustration. But Healers at home are here to rescue right at your doorstep! This taut shoulder can be easily dismissed with a few exercises at the convenience of your home.

6 best exercises to get rid of frozen shoulder syndrome:

Physiotherapy is generally recommended by Healers at Home in order to avail effortless motion and regain your mobility. Before you start exercising, remember to warm up your shoulder. It is recommended to exercise after a soothing hot shower. Check out these uncomplicated exercises to set free from the discomfort:

Pendulum Stretch:

Your exercise routine should start with the pendulum stretch. Stand and lean over slightly to any object like chair or a table and allow the frozen arm to hang down. Swing the hanging arm in circular direction at a slow pace. Perform about 10 rounds in each direction.


Double shoulder circles:

Keep your hands on your shoulder and then in circular motion, move the shoulders. Repetition of 20 clockwise and then anti-clockwise. As days pass and your shoulder feels freer you can increase the repetition.


Towel stretch:

Get hold of a towel of approximately 3 feet in length. Hold this towel with both hands behind your back in a horizontal position. Use your unaffected arm to pull the towel and in turn raising the distressed arm. Repeat this 15-30 times a day as per the intensity of the pain.


Wall slides:

Stand facing the wall with your palms in contact with the wall. Now slowly slide your arms upwards on the wall. Make sure it is so slow that it does not hurt. Relax when the arms are up and then return to the original position. Repeat 15 times daily.

Armpit stretch:

Assisted with your good arm, raise the painful arm to a chest height table or platform and place both hands flat on it. Now bending your knees, allow the armpits to open and then get back to the original position.


Cross body stretch:

Standing use your non-disturbed arm to hold your inflexible arm from the elbow and push it across your body. Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds and carry out about 15 reps.


Remember physiotherapy or any exercise should be done under the guidance of experts or they can rather create negative effects. Mitigate a frozen shoulder at your home, with a definite plan under certified experts with Healers at Home! Reach out to us for affordable and personalized care.

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