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5 Yoga Postures for Better Digestion

Digestion can be defined as the master key to good health irrespective of the approach adopted for it. Being blind followers of any piece of word, we believe everything that meets our eyes. Like we believe that digestion is primarily and solely related to the food we eat. Bummer! A proper digestion depends on countless other factors besides what you are putting in your mouth. The benifits of Yoga for beautiful and glowing skin are beyond doubt and being holistic in nature, Yoga is one of the best ways of giving your digestion a robust boost!

Here are five yoga postures that you can inculcate for better digestion:

  • Pre-meal pranayama:

It is a lesser known fact that how you eat is more crucial than what you eat. If you hog under a lot of pressure, it does more harm than good to your body. The most expeditious way to prepare your body to absorb the nutrients while kicking out the stress is resorting to pranayama 10-15 minutes prior to consumption. Pranayama is basically slow inhaling, holding the breath and exhaling. If you are at work, find a secluded corner to concentrate on your breathing and exhale the boss’s agonies with each breath! :pYoga_1

  • Post-meal Savasana:

Known as the rest and digest therapy, who knew that munching your favorite meals and lying down right after it could fetch your remarkable results? Well, it’s a dream come true! Once done with your meals, lie down on your back with some distance between your feet. On laying the blood starts flowing towards your digestive organs, shoots the oxygenation in the body thus creating an ideal temperament for superior healing.Yoga_2

  • Pawanmuktasana for the bloated:

If you feel heavy the moment you pop something in your mouth; your digestive system is screaming for help! Now the next time you feel overstuffed, immediately lie down straight on your back and clasp your knees tightly to pull it towards your chest. Try to touch your forehead to the knees in a way that you feel pressure on your abdominal muscles. Regular execution of pawanmuktasana can keep you clear of gastrointestinal problems and spare you from frequently feeling like a balloon.


  • Trikonasana:

If you are a victim to low metabolism and appetite, Trikonasana can be your savior even under the most nerve-racking conditions. Stand with legs wide open. Now try to touch the ground or calves of your left foot with your left hand and right foot with your right hand; remembering to exhale every time you go down. Known as the triangle pose, it activates the kidney, energizes the abdominal muscles and fuels ups the intestinal tract.


  • Shishuasana:

Anxiety and depression often compel an individual to make wrong food choices thus taking digestion for a toll. Shishuasana is the posture you resort to when you have been binge eating on unhealthy food not out of cravings but sheer sulking. To perform, kneel down and spread your knees at a hip distance and bring your big toes together in a way that they touch each other. Now, inhale, raise your hands up in the air and exhale as you stretch them down on the ground until they are poker straight. Child’s pose is basically for calming down your nervous system to mentally allow your body to make room for food.Yoga_5Still waiting for your digestive system to magically refurbish itself? Why not choose Healers at Home to pamper your digestive system under the supervision of trained and certified yoga instructors at home?

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