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5 Yoga Poses To Improve The Balance Of The Body!

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Every moment we try to balance our work and personal lives and forget to balance our own body. Balancing is not so easy and it changes often according to the external and internal movements we do. Physical balance is not only to stand on one foot, rather do much more than that. It is necessary to build the joints of our body stronger. If you have an injury that obstructs your balance somehow, but you get more affected by the stress, tiredness you feel and the breathing you do. But if you try to improve your balance, it will help you to prevent future injuries, enhance the concentration and decrease stress.

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There are so many yoga exercises that not only improve your balance, these make your body fit and do overall good for your body in many ways.

1. Tree Pose

Start this yoga pose by standing straight. Then lift your right leg and press the right sole deeply into your left thigh or calf muscle and shift the weight of your body on the left foot. Make your spine erect and press your palms near your heart. You can also raise your hands overhead and make your body balance. Stand in this pose for 30 seconds and do on the other side. If you fail to stand steady, you can lower your toes for a tripod version.

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2. Extended Mountain Pose

This is one of the introductory poses in which you have to stand with two feet on the floor and you need to keep deep concentration by your mind. Raise your hands overhead, unite both the palms and point your tips to the ceiling. By doing this pose your navel and ribs are pulled in by which your tailbone is tucked slightly under the hips. In this pose, you press your tippy toes on the ground by squeezing the ankles and move your gaze from front to the sky and hold on. The extended mountain pose helps a lot in increasing your focus on standing on one leg.

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3. Eagle Pose

Eagle pose with somehow same to toe tripod. Stand on one leg by lifting the other foot. Shift the weight of the body on the left foot and slightly bend the left leg then wrap the right thigh over the left and wrap the right hand under the left hand. Take 10 breaths and practice on the other side.

If you practice it regularly, you can strengthen your balance by making the joints flexible. As every moment your focus, balance and clarity change, some problems may occur anytime. Therefore you need to practice this pose to improve balance and concentration. If you are wobbly, take breathe, give some time and practice.

yoga at home, yoga for beginners, yoga poses at home

4. Standing Extended Big Toe

Put your hands on the hips and loosen up your shoulders. Stand on one foot by shifting your weight onto it. Lift your other leg in front of you, making the foot parallel to the ground. Do this pose on the other side. It will also help you in improving your balance.

yoga at home, yoga for beginners, yoga poses at home

5. Warrior Pose III

Stand in mountain pose shifting your weight into the right leg and lift the left leg and stretch it to the back. Extend your hands in front of you keeping the hands, upper body and extended left leg in one plane and try to keep them parallel to the floor. Hold on for 6- 8 breaths and then do on the other side.

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