5 Yoga Moves That Strengthen Your Body for Birth

Yoga is a classic mode of physical, mental and spiritual training to refurbish the body, mind and soul. Yoga is said to be essentially beneficial for would-be mothers. When a woman is pregnant her body goes through inevitable changes along with inestimable emotional fluctuations. Prenatal yoga focuses on the physical and abstract aspects that are inherent to pregnancy and assists in effortlessly overcoming them. Along with these, inclusion of prenatal yoga will also aid in a less painful and hassle-free delivery.

Top 5 prenatal yoga moves that strengthen your body for birth:

Prenatal yoga helps to lighten aches and supports the building of strong legs, back and abdominal that directly prepares you for giving birth. Prenatal yoga relaxes and calms the hip muscle, stretches the pelvic region and grooms you for birth.

Standing Mountain:

Stand with legs farther than hips and knees slightly bent. Now join your hands to form Namaste. Next inhale deep and sweep your arms overhead in the same position while you you’re your back slightly. Regain the original Namaste position close to your chest while you exhale.

Standing Mountain

Supported triangle:

Stand with your feet farther than the shoulder ratio. Face your right toe forward and left toe outward. Now bend your left leg while you place your left hand on the left thigh. Hold this leg position while you raise your right hand above your shoulder and hold for a few seconds. Regain the initial position and repeat with next leg.

Supported triangle

Assisted squat:

Stack pillows on the ground. Standing with feet wider than hips bend your knees into a deep squat till the extent your behind touches the pillow.

Assisted squat

Cow-cast pose:

As the name suggests, you have to rest both your hands and feet on the ground like a car or cow. Then alternatively look down slightly bending backwards like a cat and then look above lengthening your spine, like a cow. This yoga pose is for all pregnancy stages and it is advisable because it helps in stretching the belly.

Cow-cast pose

Child’s pose:

A child is always at ease and this asana will keep you as relaxed as a child. Kneel down and if you have bigger belly increase the distance between the legs. Now raise your hands and then stretch it forward to such an extent that they touch the ground. Breathe deeply and just unwind yourself!

Child’s pose

Prenatal yoga as constructive as it is, can prove to be detrimental if the right poses are not followed. It isn’t just about prenatal yoga; it is about doing it under expert supervision and favorable environment like your own house. Pregnancy is a very delicate stage where a little negligence keeps both the mother and baby at stake. Healers at Home help you with certified and proficient yoga tutors at home so that your loved ones can dodge the discomfort. From assessing the prenatal conditions to devising the best plan to postpartum care, Healers at Home are ready to take care of every parental need!

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