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5 yoga asanas to get rid of digestive issues

At some point or the other, a person manages to binge eat and create a problem for themselves that never existed in the first place. But not every uneasy feeling in the stomach is due to overeating, it can also be due to indigestion. No matter why your stomach is growling, stick to our top 5 picks in yoga for digestion and kick out the dilemma from its roots:

  • Pavanmuktasana:

If you have unfortunately managed to trap wind or feel sluggish, this asana can definitely fetch you some peace. Start with lying on your back and exhale as you draw your knees close to your chest. Tighten your grip on the knee as much as possible and inhale as you extend your knee.

  • Paschimottanasana:

Though Paschimottanasana is amazing for giving your spinal cord a good stretch, little did you know that it is one of the most effective asanas in yoga for digestion? Place a pillow on your thighs that are stretched right in front of you. Now inhale to let the pillow create a compression against your belly and bend forward as you exhale.

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  • Vajrasana:

Reputed to be the best exercise for acidity, Vajrasana is a simple seated pose and is ideally performed post meals. The flow of the pose is basic, you kneel down and then place your torso on your heels and stay in the same posture for 15-20 minutes.

  • Kapal Bhati Pranayama:

Thanks to the intensive breathing technique used in this asana for digestion, it not only enhances blood circulation but also lifts up the digestive tract functioning, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients. It also detoxifies the entire human system with regular practice. To perform KapalBhati pranayama, you must sit erect with legs folded. Now pull the navel in and immediately relax your abdomen.

  • Savasana:

The ultimate posture to battle any health ailment is savasana. When it comes to yoga for digestion, savasana works on rest and digest theory. When you are at rest, you will be tapping your parasympathetic nervous system and will inevitably calm yourself. Being at ease, your blood circulation will now divert from extremities to the digestive organs thus recuperating any predicaments in that area. With every taken breath, the heart rate will slow down, and your breathing will deepen. All these factors eventually will lead to increased oxygenation of the digestive organs and create an ideal environment for digestion, cleansing, and healing.

So next time when you feel caught up due to your tummy, give these yoga exercises a try! We are sure you will be surprised at how well they work!

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