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5 ways to stay fit despite hectic schedules

A corporate life is loaded with fancy perks but what we fail to realize is that we are availing them against our health. Sedentary work profiles, long hours of poor postured sitting and ditching maa ke hath ka khana ( food prepared by your mother) for pizza at the workplace puts you at the risk of developing innumerable ailments. What is the cure? Yoga retreat! Here is an expert-curated list of how you can stay fit despite your hectic schedule:

  • Know when to hit pause:

We are taught since childhood to keep pushing ourselves to work harder; got a low grade? Study harder! Able to do 100 pushups? Do 20 more! Unfortunately, we apply this principle to spheres of life where we shouldn’t- The workplace. If you want to stay physically and mentally vigorous, you must acknowledge signs when your body tells you to take it easy. Ideally, take 5-10 minutes break between 2-3 hours of work for a better self-image and concentration pump.

  • Uncompromised diets:

Who doesn’t dig on yum burgers and cheesy pasta for lunch? If you are a person who opts for cheat days once in a blue moon, you’re good to go. Of course, you cannot munch on salads forever, but eating junk every day is a complete no-no if you want to stay in good shape. If a busy schedule doesn’t leave you with sufficient time to cook, hire a maid or local cooks who deliver home-made food to the office. Instead of hogging cookies and biscuits in the office, carry fresh fruits or smoothies.

  • Serene morning routine:

If you start your morning peacefully, there are high chances that your entire day will be filled with tranquility. Try not to rush during morning and enjoy every task you perform. Begin your day with utmost ease and enjoy small moments like sipping your favorite coffee, listening to your favorite music, etc. Try this for a week to see how your fitness game changes with a well-organized morning routine.

  • A good night sleep:

If you have work next day and have been binging all night watching your favorite show, you know you are going to regret it in the morning. If you’re looking for a life that is full of salubriousness, sleep is something you cannot afford to miss on. In cases when you are unable to sleep, try to set a daily routine for sleeping, stay clear of electronic devices at least an hour before sleeping and practice deep breathing.

  • Yoga for corporates:

In metropolitan cities, most of the time is consumed in traffic while traveling, and it becomes difficult to balance work and social life. Thus it becomes impossible to include physical training in such situations. This is exactly where yoga for corporates from Healers at Home comes in handy. Our certified yoga teachers drop in at your workplace so that you do not waste an extra minute in traveling or at the yoga studio. Book us to sign up for a yoga retreat!


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