5 Ways to Improve Shoulder Mobility and Strength

Sometimes lifting a heavy object or additional strain on your shoulder can lead to soreness and throbbing and sometimes even frozen shoulder. This generally happens because your shoulders are not flexible and strong enough to handle the pressure. With the widest range of motion, it is often a neglected body part but what people due to realize is greater the range, higher is the wear and tear. But Healers at Home can easily cure excruciating frozen shoulder pain with a variety of physiotherapy sessions filled with frozen shoulder exercises forming the apt frozen shoulder treatment. This service for frozen shoulder treatment can availed under expert physiotherapists at the comfort of your home. In the meanwhile small strains on the shoulder or frozen shoulder can be tackled with 5 easy ways:

frozen shoulder

Isometric shoulder exercise:

This involves contracting the shoulder muscles without moving the limbs and holding the position for 5-10 seconds. This exercise can be performed using wall as support.

Wand exercise:

Pick a rod or wand and hold it at thigh height at almost edge. Now slowly lift the rod in the air above your head and hold this position for 5-10 seconds and regain original position. Wand exercise is an effective frozen shoulder exercise.

Scapular squeeze:

Scapular squeeze is done for overall flexibility, strength and vigor and is proven to be proficient for frozen shoulder treatment. This exercise frozen shoulder exercise can be performed effortlessly while you sit. As you sit, squeeze both your shoulder blades backward where you will feel your muscles contracting on your back. Hold this crunched position for 5 seconds, release and repeat.

frozen shoulder exercise

Shoulder rotation with retraction:

Bend your elbows a bit while your arms are by the side of your body. Once your get into this position hold an elastic band or any resistance between your hands and rotate your hands outwards. If you face a problem you can start freely without any resistance first. This exercise empowers the rhomboids and middle trapezius.

Front raise frozen shoulder exercise:

Placing one end of the elastic band under the foot and holding the other end with one hand, the arm is supposed to be raised forward and upward from the foot. This exercise for frozen shoulder is matchless as it strengthens the front of the shoulder especially anterior deltoid muscle.

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