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5 Tips to Manage and Mitigate Your Child’s Asthma

Watching your child suffer with Asthma- a terrifying and heart-breaking attack on encounter with mere humidity or slightest smoke is drenching. If your child is suffering from asthma it leaves you under constant worry and pressure analyzing if he/she is well in school or while playing. Healers at Home addresses this concern and their proficient experts have curated incredible 5 tips to manage your child’s asthma.

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Asthma can be treated at home as much as it is treated outside
Asthma can be treated at home as much as it is treated outside
  • Know the culprits:

Firstly, as a parent you should know what the triggers are so that you can act upon it when the time arrives. For some children it is pollen in the spring while for some it is animal fur, cold or smoke. Detect what your child is allergic to and what is the potential cause for the asthma attack.

  • Make an asthma attack plan:

Once you know what the triggers of your child are, encourage and enlighten your child with the details so that the child can take necessary precautions from their end to avert the situation of an attack. Alternatively, keep the medicines handy with you and with your kids that they can pop the moment they sense an attack. You can bifurcate the medicines like the ones she is supposed to have generally, the ones the child is supposed to gulp when mild symptoms like cough exists and others during or near an attack.

  • Learn to medicate accurately:

If your child uses an inhaler during an attack use a mask that covers both the mouth and nose. Mask is also crucial when using a nebulizer.

  • Thwart asthma:

When you are pregnant avoid smoking before and after pregnancy and do not expose your child to smoke. Breast feed your child for at least 6 months to boost immunity and avoid the chances of asthma. Keep your house clean especially free from mold and cockroaches.

  • Never skip doctor’s appointments:

Do not miss the doctor's appointment while tackling asthma
An asthmatic child visiting a doctor

See your doctor regularly to keep a tab on the attacks and to seek professional and expert guidance. Doctors will also guide you with how you can reverse the actions of triggers to control asthma in an enhanced manner.

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