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5 Tips to Manage Asthma at Home

Asthma is a condition where the airway passages in the lungs are narrowed causing breathing problems. Wheezing, coughing, feeling short of breath are some common symptoms of asthma. Asthma attack does not occur with a prior notification. An attack can occur anytime during the middle of the day or night, sometimes it is also triggered by environmental factors like pollution or allergens. Like said it is better to be cautious than sorry, Healers at Home, your favorite elite home health care services have curated best 5 tips to manage asthma at home:

5 tips to manage asthma at home:

Know your triggers:

A trigger is something that ignites your asthma attack or worsens the condition when you are facing one. To manage asthma you need to essentially know what your sparking factors are. Categorize these into environmental and home triggers. Identifying your triggers will help you narrow down your exposure.

Check home environment for triggers.

One you have identified your triggers check how safe your home is to combat asthma. Consider points like furry pets as they are said to trigger asthma. Once you evaluate your points, eliminate objects or habits that cause asthma so that probabilities of an attack subside.

Look into your plate:

One of the most crucial factors that asthma patients ignore is their appetite. Some studies relate asthma to obesity or certain foods. It is said that ideal weight can reduce the severity or symptoms of asthma in the long run. For a few set of individuals, certain food items also trigger asthma, for example consumption of banana.

Keeping asthma preventers handy:

If you suffer from asthma attacks frequently it is advisable and wise to keep reliever inhaler or pump with you always. Keep a spare inhaler in every room and washroom to prevent the mishaps.

Personal action plan with home health care:

If a kid or an aged is suffering with asthma, absence of a caretaker can lead to dangerous consequences. Healers at Home provide health care services so that you can live your life tension-free without worrying about your dependents and their ailments. Expert and connoisseur attendants with years of experience, knack of dealing with patients are available to look after your loved ones under our home health care program right at your doorstep. A personal action plan can be drafted in collaboration with your doctor, our expert and the patient to treat and curb asthma. A PAP will highlight and teach what to do in case of an attack, how to use presence of mind when required and how to slowly eradicate asthma.

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