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5 Symptoms and Signs of Potassium Deficiency to Watch Out For!

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Potassium, though the third most abundant mineral in the body, is the one that is talked about the least. Potassium interacts with sodium to perform countless obligations in the body like nerve strengthening, maintain muscle potency and a healthy cardiovascular system. Even if you are too particular about your diet and consume the recommended 4700 mg of potassium, you are still likely to have a deficiency. How? The more sodium you consume, the more potassium is excreted by your body. Therefore, it is really arduous to notice and acknowledge the deficiency, but if you detect the below listed common symptoms of potassium deficiency, better get yourself tested:

  1. You are always tired:

Literally, every cell in your, body requires potassium to do what it does. If your body is unable to meet the required potassium levels, you will experience a general dip in your overall energy and thus there will be unparalleled fatigue. So if there is no significant change in your sleep, exercise or diet pattern, potassium deficiency can be the cause of your exhaustion.

Yoga at home- Healers at Home

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  1. Your muscles feel weak:

Potassium plays a very crucial role in muscle contraction. So, when the levels are low, you are on the verge of experiencing aches and spasms.

Yoga at home- Healers at Home

  1. You experience dizziness:

A massive drop in potassium levels can slow your heartbeat to the extent that is equivalent to being intoxicated. You might also feel that you are going to pass out any moment. Feeling dizzy is a symptom that can be associated with many ailments; therefore, it is advisable to see a doctor at the earliest.

Yoga at home- Healers at Home

  1. Constipation:

This might sound weird and surprising, but low potassium levels have the power to dominate every aspect of your body, even defecation for that matter. Deteriorated levels of potassium will undoubtedly make your feel puffier and can also lead to abdominal cramping.

Yoga at home- Healers at Home

  1. Mood swings:

If it is not ‘that’ time of the month or you are biologically spared from menstrual cycles, and yet you tend to witness mood swing, insufficient potassium levels are to be blamed!

Yoga at home- Healers at Home

How to cope with potassium deficiency in the body?

  • Potassium is found in many food items like fruits and vegetables namely yams, white beans, bananas, potatoes, etc.

Yoga at home- Healers at Home

  • To beat the symptoms that potassium deficiency is bringing, yoga asanas can be incorporated into daily life.

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