5 Simple Yoga Tricks for Stressful Relationships

No matter how intense and understanding a particular relationship is, it is bound to hit the bumpy road sometime. This unwanted journey automatically invites stress and compels your body to go high on cortisol hormone thus spoiling the overall salubriousness. Plus such instances have the power to drain your brain with exhaustion. The worst part about such situations is that despite your countless efforts you will not be able to hedge the emotional and physical turmoil it brings but with yoga, you can insure your heart and brain for a lesser quantum of damage. Here are five simple yoga tricks for stressful relationships to trick your body to stay in fine fettles:

  • Channelize emotions the right way:

Being vulnerable is one of the sole culprits for massive drama in the relationship. What we fail to understand is that being led by your emotions is not wrong, but the one that goes overboard creates the havoc. Indulging into Metta medication allows you to empathize with yourself and others in a much better way. It also keeps your emotions outbreaks under control by teaching you to react only when necessary.


  • Listen not hear:

It is a rare phenomenon to find someone who is actually interested in you and your feelings. While some hear for the sake of it, some hear only to answer back. What partners forget in the relationship is everything that is spoken needs ears to mark its importance. Sometimes, not listening patiently to your partner is the only thing needed to pep up the relationship. Whether you not you are a good listener, you can always strive to be one by resorting to yoga at home for beginners. As poses like camel pose enforce a big heart-opening backbend, it prepares you from the inside to perceive things in an enhanced manner. Breathe slowly, inhale patience and exhale the urge to put the other person down!2

  • Ask not assume:

One of the basic problems in a relationship is that people judge, presume and procrastinate. You will be able to effortlessly dodge a fight if you viewed the perspective of the other person in a differential manner or did not jump to conclusions before letting them finish their part. There is hardly anyone who has missed watching MunnaBhai MBBS (a Bollywood movie). So, like  Dr. Asthana endeavors to laugh his anger out, the pro tip here is whenever you feel that need to react, do pranayama! The rhythm of your breath will aid you to channelize your momentary thoughts and emotional state. Practicing NadiSodhana can succor in getting down pressure levels while syncing your state of mind thus allowing you to be in a better position to listen, comprehend and then counterpart if required. Worried you cannot be Dr. Asthana and cannot perform yoga under traumatic junctures? Hire a yoga instructor at home to get trained!


  • Happy you= happy relationship:

Most of the people fail to realize that the reason why they’re unable to feel blissful in the relationship is because they are not happy themselves. The logic here is simple if you are gloomy, irrespective of the efforts taken by the other person; you are bound to be the same. Staying happy doesn’t mean you withdraw yourself from sadness, it means acceptance to problems, forgiving yourself for your mistake and being compassionate to your own self; if you can be brave enough to own up to your culpability,  you can do the same for your partner. Try to incorporate one of the five yamas of yoga; Satya or truthfulness in your life to witness the tranquility it gets to your life!


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