5 Reasons you cannot resist doing Yoga

1.It Helps You Sleep Better


If you are an insomniac and have trouble sleeping, Yoga is just the right tonic to help you get some rest. It is very important that your sleep is deep and comforting so that when you get up the next day you are full of energy ready to on the challenges head on. Otherwise chances are you will end up crying all night long and become really ineffective at work.

Cant sleep GIF

That looks quite painful. However there are Yoga poses like the Butterfly pose, Child Pose and the Cat Pose help you remove toxins and sleep better.

2.It Gives Stability  


With so much going on in life, personal and professional, things can sometimes get out of hand. You feel exhausted and tired, scared and alone, not knowing what to do and end up falling short, or just falling in general like the dude above.

Ouch, that must hurt. But Yoga helps you find Balance and stability. With poses like Mountain-Chair-Tree flow, you can improve your coordination skills. Therefore having a hard time in your life does not necessarily mean you have to take support of the wrong things in life. Go the Yoga way.

3.It’s a National Policy/Its patriotic to do Yoga


That’s right. Yoga is now a national policy. Well, Kind off. With the Prime Minister Narendra Modi backing the Yoga life like anything he has done before, it is mandatory for us as spirited and patriotic Indians that we do whatever it takes to help our country prosper.

In other words, if you are not doing Yoga, you are against your country. And in that case, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Shame on you GIF

4. Its Practical


Yoga has a lot of practicality to it. It gives you flexibility, strength, resilience, agility, peace of mind and spiritual well being among many others. Yoga helps you do simple things in life that you couldn’t. Remember the time when you wanted to send a report to your boss or make the presentation on your laptop but your hands weren’t free. Well, no worries. Yoga is here to save your day.


5.Even a dog can do it, and so can a cat…AND A HORSE TOO…Shame on You!!!!


Did you look at that? That’s right. A dog just executed one of the hardest Yoga poses. Sure it has four legs, but your species discovered the art and their species just made a fool out of you at your own art.


Ya, we “shamed” on you twice but who cares. If you think it is only dogs that are getting into the act then think again.

cat-yoga GIF


These five reasons should be enough to get you up and into your Yoga pants. And if not, well, then we would have to find other shaming tactics.

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