Why does Joint pain occur?

Human body is a complex configuration. If you fail to take the right amount of care, the configuration can go for a toss in an instant. Joints are the most robust yet delicate part of your body. Such an irony isn’t it? Robust because they are an intersection between two bones facilitating efficient task performance and delicate because they are easily prone to damage. Below listed are the top 5 common reasons for joint pain:

  • Osteoarthritis:

Popular to be one of the withering forms of arthritis in adults, osteoarthritis includes a helpless feeling of rigidness in the fingers, knees and feet. If inactivity for a while compels you to believe that your body parts do not exist, rush to a doctor as daily wear and tear of your joints might have invited osteoarthritis.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis is very similar to osteoarthritis, only the cause and treatment of the ailment differs. It generally results into excessive and acute joint pain. Knee is the most beloved victim of the disease. Regular sessions of physiotherapy for knee pain are an effortless way to wave goodbye to the dilemma.

  • Twists and strains:

If you belong to the clumsy category, congratulations! You have invited an inevitable joint pain. For all the fasionistas out there, high heels are doing no good to your joints either. Twists and strains are common for people indulged in sports. All the aforementioned people can dodge the dilemma of joint pain by opting for physiotherapy for knee pain.

  • Infection:

For the times when you are unfortunate enough to be affected by a flu or infection, white blood cells concentrate on getting you well first. This in turn causes negligence on the inflammatory chemicals in the body. Like a child who does all he wants when not supervised by parents, these inflammatory chemicals cause swelling in the joints thus leading to immense pain.

  • Gout:

Arthritis is an ailment that is too stubborn and reluctant to leave your body. Acute arthritis causes repeated inflammation leading to increase in uric acid in the blood. This condition is known as gout and is commonly detected by fever and joint ache.

A visit to doctors every time you sense a joint pain can be troublesome. You can reach out to us at to detect the cause and solution for your pain. Any joint pain can be a regular hitch or an indication of a threatening disease, do not ignore, and consult now!22853174_875887139230052_6051465118873536435_n

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