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5 Quick Yoga Poses That Can Improve Your Mood!

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One can easily get in an occasional bad temper in any situation, but it is not so easy to be happy and cheerful all the time. Frankly, we always sink into a bad mood when we have too much work pressure or any problem and we fail to control ourselves. Bad temper always causes harm not only to us, other people around also get affected. So how to catch yourself when you get irritated? Here are some quick yoga poses at home that can improve your mood.

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  1. Sun Salutations with a TwistYoga at home, free yoga class at home, yoga trainer at home, yoga for beginners

Yoga twists are always good for spine and core. Begin with sitting tall, feet on the floor, and your back straight. Breathe in and lift your arms overhead and press your palms together. Then lower your arms with breathing out and bend to the left with bringing the hands and arms behind you to the top of the chair. Return back to the center as you inhale and do these steps on your right side. You have to do these steps 8 to 10 times. These poses are great for decreasing stress and strain from the muscles and skeletal system. It also relaxes the stiff joints and makes them loose and smooth. As the whole body gets out of stress, then the mind becomes free and relaxed.

  1. Eagle ArmsYoga at home, free yoga class at home, yoga trainer at home, yoga for beginners

This move helps to open your shoulders, upper back, elbows, and wrists. It also improves digestion, the balance of the body and mental condition by aligning the chakras. Eagle pose lights the root chakra and eye chakra and connects them. These two chakras help in improving the mood when we are lost.

To start, sit tall with your feet hip-width apart and firmly on the floor, and your back straight. Bring your arms out to the sides at shoulder height, palms open pointing to the ceiling. Now, wrap the left arm with the right arm as high as you can, then cross the forearms one more time and try to press the palms with each other. If you fail to touch the palms, press the backs of the hands. Take 5 to 8 breaths before releasing your hands and again do with the other arm.

  1. Downward Facing Dog
    Yoga at home, free yoga class at home, yoga trainer at home, yoga for beginners

The downward facing dog stretches the full-body with opening the shoulders, upper back, head, neck, and legs. This yoga pose also refreshes the mind connecting with breath. To start to face the back of your chair and put your hands on the back of the chair at shoulder-width apart. Extend your feet towards the back until your chest is parallel to the floor. Then employ your abdominal muscles by lifting your ribs away from the floor. Doing this pose flex your lower back and raise your hips up and away from your shoulders. Now bend the knees to pull back even more and then straighten the legs again. Maintain this pose by taking 8 to 10 breaths.

  1. Fish Pose (Matsyasana)Yoga at home, free yoga class at home, yoga trainer at home, yoga for beginners

Fish pose stretches the chest and throat and permits oxygen-loaded blood to flow to the back of the throat and to the brain. Thus it helps in decreasing anxiety levels and pains which are the main cause of bad mood. It is better to do fish pose just before going to because you will get a good night sleep and you will feel better in the next day.

Lay straight on your back with stretching the legs and keeping the hands along the sides of the body. Now press the forearm with elbows on the ground and raise your chest to make the upper body arch-shaped. Put both the palms facing downward under the hips and stay in this pose for up to 30 seconds. Then bring the forearms to the sides and slowly sleep on the ground.

  1. Child’s Pose (Balasana)Yoga at home, free yoga class at home, yoga trainer at home, yoga for beginners

Child’s pose is another easy and common yoga exercise to improve mood. It makes you relaxed and improves the brain. In this pose your body becomes a dome-like shape and your back, hips, and thighs get stretched. These stretches release endorphins and make the mind refreshed.

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