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5 Quick Time-Management Tips for Working Moms

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Time management is a big task for every people these days. If you say it about a working mother having one or more kids, then time management is more necessary. Because except office work they have to do new born baby care, need to look after other kids’ activities, household responsibilities and many more. Besides office and household responsibilities, mother and child care should also be done. Many moms get stressed and fail to satisfy everyone due to improper time management.  Working mothers should follow the below-described tips for better time management and by that, they can decrease stress from life and can generate more time for fun and relaxation with family.

1.Make a Plan by a planner

Whenever you want to get some work done you have to plan before. It is better to make lists to avoid forgetfulness and you will have enough energy to finish your work in right time.You can start a bullet journal, in which you can put all your lists in one spot. Otherwise, you can make a planner by putting your goals to get them done effectively in time. If you fail to make both of them, choose which is important for you and find the suitable one.

Then, you take the list which you need to do and plan for another to-do list items.

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Before doing any task takes into account how much energy you’ll have to do and how much you will be tired of doing this? So before trying to finish another task, think how much energy still you have with you. In this way, you can plan your timetable to avoid stress and frustration and can get better results.

2. List Priorities and Realistic Goals

By staying focused on any work you can manage your time properly. But it is not so easy for a busy mom to get focused on one work. Whenever you are weighed down by the workload, make a list of works and then prioritize. Now you know which is a priority and which is secondary. According to some experts, you need to divide your works into three parts. In the first part include the important works which should be done first, in the second part arrange them which can be done any time in the near future and at last them which can take a long time to be finished. This technique can make you feel like the works are feasible.

3. Organize everything

Keep a filing cupboard and try to keep a copy of everything. Keep folders for each child or for different goals to do, so that you can get exact information when there is a necessity. You can keep copies of important things like phone numbers, different bills, their due dates and school-related works etc.

4. Make Good Habits

Good habits have so many pros. These are always necessary for working mothers which can help in making effective time management. Always try to do the required works instantly without leaving it for future. For example, clean your dishes immediately after finishing eating. Because if you waste just a couple of minutes in cleaning the dishes after taking food, then you won’t have to need an hour later to soak, scrub and wash. This habit will not create a mess in your kitchen.  Similarly, when you get bills of electricity, water, school dues etc, keep them in one place or be prepared for them right away. Prepare a daily routine with good habits by which you can be productive, for example, keep your office wear the night before, put your gym bag right at a right place; decide what you will prepare for lunch in the next day etc. You’ll be surprised at having less hassle, and can get more time and energy to do other work.

5. Separate Work and Motherhood tasks

Being a mother your best time management secret is to separate office work and parental responsibilities. As you leave your family responsibilities when you are at work, similarly you should not do your office work at home when you are with your children.

If you need to do some homework for your job, for example teaching personnel takes exam papers to home for checking, finish these tasks after your children get slept.  If you work from home, set a specific time for this work and then do your motherhood tasks.

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