5 Prenatal Yoga Postures for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase but it leaves you cranky, lethargic and unwilling to do anything especially during the last trimester. This is exactly where pregnancy yoga can be your knight in shining armor. Here is a list of tried and tested pregnancy yoga poses that will definitely help you stay relaxed physically and mentally:

  • Virasana

Breasts and belly of a pregnant woman expand thus causing the shoulder and back to droop down. Virasana will aid in opening the shoulder and neck by taking the tension off it. All you have to do is kneel down and mingle your forearms within each other.

  • Savasana

Sometimes all you need is a little time off from the chaos to get rid of the moodiness. Lie down on the left side of your body with a round pillow or bolster in between your legs. Fold and place your hands on the right and take deep breaths while you enter a zone of tranquility. This is an excellent asana for yoga for beginners. While you perform this pose, free your mind from all the thoughts and just feel the positivity as you breathe.

  • Sukhasana

Pregnancy yoga is an acknowledgement to yourself that you are going to be a mother and an impeccable one. Take a heighted bolster and sit straight on it in a way that your knees are not higher than your hips. In case your knees are getting higher, take a small heighted bolster otherwise your groin and inner thighs will be strained. Now keep your hands on your bump and take deep soothing breaths. Do not forget to smile, think about an exquisite life after the baby comes and how his giggles will brighten your day in an instant!

  • Virabhadrasana

Virabhadrasana strengthens your hip muscles for the time you would need it the most- labor! This asana is also known to infuse your body with immense vigor, good vibes and confidence. Just fold one of your legs and bend it forward in a way that it forms a right angle and stretch the second leg backwards, as far as you can. Open your arms horizontally so that they are parallel to the ground. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds and repeat on the other side.

  • Cakravakasana

Final trimester can leave you with tremendous back pain and cat/cow pose can get you out of it in a jiffy. Like an animal is on 4 legs, use your palms and knees to get in a similar position. Now look upwards with your spine curved and then downwards with your spine shaped like a C.

Pregnancy yoga is something that you cannot afford to miss as it promises to make you powerful both inside out. Pregnancy yoga can turn negative when not performed right or under expert supervision. Reap the best with yoga teachers from Healers at Home.

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