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5 power yoga poses for a peaceful mind!!

Yoga was initially centered on syncing the mind, body and the soul but thanks to the modern day norms, it is now fostered on movement and strengthening. You cannot perform vigor enhancing power yoga poses and expect to achieve a peaceful mind from it. Here is a sequence of 5 power yoga poses that leave you calm and refurbish post completion:

1. Diamond forward pose:
• Be seated on your mat and connect the soles of your feet together.
• Keeping your soles touched, slide your feet as far as you can from your body.
• Pump air and sit erect, followed by exhaling and rounding your spine to touch the ground with your palms.
2. Banana pose:
• Lie down on your mat and scoot your feet to the right side of your body. Latch on your left ankle on the right one for grip.
• Now raise your arms and stretch them to the right of your body as well.
• Relax and breathe for 3-5 minutes before you switch sides to scoot again!

3. Bridge Pose:
• Lie supine on your yoga mat.
• If you are an amateur or have a delicate back/neck, place a thickly folded blanket under your shoulders to avert injury and for the ease of pose.
• Bent your knees and loudly exhale as you push your tailbone into the air in a way that your body resembles a bridge.
• Stay stable for 30 seconds to 1 minute, as you feel comfortable and remember to take slow and deep breaths during this period.

4. Leg up the wall pose:
• Lie flat on your mat and keep your feet directly on the wall.
• Spread out your lower back and let the weight of your legs settle on the thighs.
• Slowly slide up your feet on the wall so that your body looks like a right angle.
• Now close your eyes and breathe deeply for 10-12 times to feel serenity hit your body.

5. Legs up-middle split pose:
• From your leg up the wall pose, drop out your legs into a middle split.
• Stretch your legs completely to feel relaxed.
• On attaining the maximum level of stretching, freeze in that pose for about 2-3 minutes.
• To complete the pose, put your heels back together, get your knees to the chest and then roll to one side of your body.
• Repeat for 8-10 times.

Nobody is unknown to the magical benefits of yoga and meditation in soothing the thoughts in mind and the heart along with other therapeutic perks. What are you waiting for? Begin with composure today!

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