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5 poses to help you love your face!

The modern Renaissance might be weaving wonders in enhancing the perception of individuals towards societal and moral norms as a whole, but when it comes to embracing themselves, there is only downhill. On the contrary, yoga gives individuals an opportunity to make peace and feel satiated with the quantum of inner and outer beauty one possesses. Here is a detailed list of 5 intricate poses in yoga for women that will aid you to connect and sync with your inner wisdom thus making you fall in love with yourself all over again!

1. Cat and cow pose:
• Standstill your body on your palms and knees.
• As you inhale, relax your belly down and lift your gaze up like a cow.
• With your exhale, curve your back, pushing the ground away and tuck your chin into the chest, like a cat.
• Go quick with the transitions and repeat it for about ten times.


2. Half lord of the fishes pose:
• Known as Ardha Matsyendrasana, this asana will acknowledge the flexibility of your body and will immediately revive your lost confidence.
• Bend your knees completely and place the feet on the mat.
• Now, slide your left foot below the right leg and then put the right leg over the left leg in a way that it is positioned on your left hip. To ensure that the pose is precise, remember that the right knee should be ideally pointing towards the ceiling.
• Inhale as you take your left arm high up in the air and on exhaling hook the left elbow on the erect right knee.
• Hold this situate for five slow breaths, unwind yourself and repeat for 10-12 times on each side.

3. Fire log pose:
• Stack your right shin on the top of your left so that your feet are intermingled.
• As you inhale, widen your chest and straighten up your back.
• Feel the beauty in uprightness and exhale as you fold your body forward.
• On exhaling, latch your forearms to the ground for ten full breaths before you come back to the regular seating.

4. Legs up the wall pose:
• Lie down evenly on your back and fold your knees at 90 degrees to keep your feet on the wall.
• Allow the weight of your legs to settle on your thighs and spread out your lower back.
• Roll up your feet in the direction of the wall.
• Your body should look like a right angle.
• Hold for 10-20 breaths to feel completely rejuvenated.

5. Corpse Pose:
• Get your legs down from the previous pose and spread your hands and feet wide apart like you are a bed sheet.
• Close your eyes and breathe as deep as you can.
• Concentrate on the peace process to eventually time out yourself from all the unwanted mess.

Yoga for beautiful face works because you listen to your body and in return, your body listens to you thus guaranteeing a happy you both on and off the mat. Are you unable to regain the lost esteem and desire to escape the zone of constant self-assurance? Drop us a line at Healers at Home to refurbish yourself at your favorite place- HOME!

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