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5 off-beat places to do Yoga in India

With rushed lifestyles slowly engulfing everybody in the modern world today, there exists a dire need for one to relieve stress and meditate. A true healer in every respect, yoga has the power to rejuvenate your senses and give your body a new lease of life. The goodness of yoga has spread far and wide. Just about everyone wants to come to India and connect with their inner selves. Our country is also reciprocating this interest by hosting international yoga festivals in multiple cities. Here are India’s top five yoga retreats that will hopefully be a life-changing experience for you.

1. Banks of Pangong Tso, Ladakh– While people go to witness the breath-taking beauty of Ladakh, it is a good idea to take your Yoga mat and perform Yoga at sunrise, on the banks of Pangong Tso. As the sunrises on from behind the mountains, you can feel yourself being kissed by the sunlight as you feel refreshed by the cold fresh morning breeze.

(Copyright- Aman Bhutani)

2. Ghats of Varanasi– Go to the Ghats of Varanasi before sunrise, and perform Yoga on foggy cold winter mornings, while watching the boats pass by and the city slowly wake up. As the mist clears and the Ghats return to their hustle and bustle, you will have a deeply spiritual experience in the holiest city of Hinduism.(Copyright- Tabish Parray)

3. Gurodonmar Lake, Sikkim– This is for the adventure lover in you. After trekking for hours, Yoga at the highest lake in India (17,400 feet), in this beautiful atmosphere, is certainly one thing that will lift up your body and soul.(Copyright- Tamara Berec)


4. Hampi boulders, Karnataka– Doing Yoga on the boulders of Hampi, as you look at the remains of the Vajayanagra empire, and its beautiful architecture, is a breath-taking experience. Yoga at sunset on the boulders will be a perfect end to a day filled with history.

(Copyright- Tamara Berec)

5. Nishat Garden, Kashmir– While the sun sets in autumn, you can do yoga under the falling Chinar leaves with your eyes fixed on the Dal lake. With every asana, as the leaves crush under your yoga mat, you will feel closer to nature than ever.(Copyright- KashmirHills)


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