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5 myths about weight loss that you need to know right now!

One of the many things that run in a person’s mind is how they can look flawless and achieve a body that is drool-worthy. In order to attain this, individuals resort to crash diets and any other array that leads to weight loss. But the tricky part is where no matter how hard a person tries, the desired result is not obtained. Reason? In the desperation to get what we want, we adopt measures that give the opposite results. Are you stuck in a similar dilemma where irrespective of your diet or fitness routine you are unable to reap what you desire? Then, read below to check if you are falling prey to the common yet neglected myths about weight loss:

  1. Myth # 1: Snacking is awful for weight loss:

Individuals have guided by dieticians to avoid snacking between meals. We say they are wrong! In fact, snacking will reduce your urge binge eat later.

  1. Myth # 2: Say no to fast food:

Who are we kidding when we say that we will ban fast food from our lives. The rule for weight loss is simple, the more you avoid something, the more you will crave it. You can, and you should embrace fast food because come on, you only live once! But make sure that instead of opting for a cheese burst pizza, go for healthier options like sandwiches, wraps or anything that is more about veggies and less about refined flour.

  1. Myth # 3: Carbs are bad for weight loss:

It is definitely a myth that all carbs are bad because carbs are important for the body. Try to avoid processed carbs, rather convince your hankerings to latch on to brown rice, whole grain bread, beans, etc. As the body uses carbs during exercise to burn body fat, this definitely qualifies as a good reason to not skip on the nutrient.

  1. Myth # 4: Eat ‘Clean’ to lose weight:

One of the most casual pieces of advice given to individuals for weight loss is to eat clean, i.e., fuel up on nothing else but fruits and vegetables. Well, nobody finds a massive loophole here that clean eating ignores the basic principle of weight loss. Weight loss is induced by calorie deficit, and it doesn’t matter how you fill up your daily calorie count. Of course, an excess of salt, sugar, and fat needs to be kept at bay, but your diet doesn’t need to be at any extreme.

  1. Myth # 5: If you eat and exercise, you will not gain weight:

This is a definite bummer. As a person ages, their body changes and so does their metabolism. This means, less eating and more exercising. Till the time you make lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments, you will be able to maintain a stable weight. Bottom line- Keep your diet and workout regime flexible.

Which of the above factors lead to your hampered weight loss journey?

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