5 Most Common causes of Wrist Pain

If you experience pain in the wrist while performing basic movements like twisting, swirling the spatula while cooking, wearing a watch, etc. it can be an indicator of something serious. As wrist is one of the most delicate joints, it is highly susceptible to mutilation. If you are witnessing soreness or swelling without a recent injury, following listed are a few potential causes:

  • Repetitive action:

At times when you sleep sideways for an extended period, with pressure on your arms, you encounter a dull throbbing, isn’t it? Similarly, when you move your wrist in the same manner over and over again, it negatively affects the wrist.

Long hours of driving, typing, writing or high-intensity exercises lead to chronic wrist pain. For a hurt that has been developed due to monotony, physical therapy is the most effortless way to treat it.

  • Arthritis:

Body parts render ceaseless service throughout the lifetime of an individual but are prone to the regular wear and tear. Osteoarthritis is a state where the attrition of the muscles and joints is so much that it instigates persistent pain.

Though uncommon in the wrist area, if you have been a victim to wrist injuries in the past, take apt care to avoid osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the major culprits that distresses the wrist. In such cases, you will undergo through stinging and stiffness in the wrist which can be recuperated with only physical therapy.

  • Accidental junctures:

Certain mishaps like colliding against an object with your wrist, saving yourself from falling by putting the entire body mass on the wrists, etc. can lead to either a fracture or exceedingly painful strain.

Physical therapy like acupuncture, physiotherapy exercises, etc. proves beneficial to ameliorate such conditions.

  • Ganglion cysts:

Ganglion cysts are a type of benign tumor that develops on the wrist to give you a tingling or a needle prick sensation. These cysts can be easily removed, but a surgical procedure doesn’t ban its return.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome:

When there is lack of space in the carpal tunnel, the median nerve is compressed thus laying the foundation of a pinch like the pain in the wrist. If your carpal tunnel is already blocked, any recurring wrist action can only worsen the pain.

Some of the wrist pain problems vanish with appropriate rest and stint while some require immediate attention. There is no possible movement during the day that doesn’t mandate the involvement of the wrist or hands. Get on the road to recovery by trying physical therapy rendered by certified physiotherapy assistant from Healers at Home because under no circumstance you want to adverse your grievance!bigstock-Woman-With-Painful-Wrist-602473521-1024x680

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