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5 Lifestyle Diseases That Are A Real Threat

With every junk meal and a sedentary work life, human beings have given birth to a new set of diseases called the lifestyle diseases. With fluctuations in the daily regime and relentless attitude in our overall way of life, health care has gone for a toss. Below is a list of 5 lifestyle diseases that have paved their way into our lives:


India is said to be the third most obese country. Hereditary factors along with the food habits have bought Indians to this position. Sweet tooth, dependency on packaged food, eating traditions, and inadequate sleep topped with smoking and drinking habits contribute to obesity. Obesity should be taken care of right from childhood especially if it runs in the family.



Deficient eating routine and deskbound regimen not only attracts obesity but such people are automatically more prone to diabetes. Diabetes is a side effect of obesity. If you weight heavy on the scale, you are on a high risk to catch type-2 diabetes.


Heart disorders:

With ruinous habits like smoking and drinking are the primary causes of heart attacks or any heart ailments. These habits not only damage the heart muscles but at the same time have an undesirable impact on the walls of blood vessels escalation the chances of heart infirmities.

Heart disorders

Swimmer’s ear:

‘Turn up the volume and mute the world’, they say, but never convey that constant exposure to loud music/sound for elongated period can emerge into swimmer’s ear. It is a scenario where there is irritation, inflammation, throbbing or may be infection on the ear canal or outer part of the ear. If you are a person who has earphones on throughout the day and you experience a ringing sensation in the ears or constant buzzing, it is time to see a doctor. If ignored, this humming in the ears can lead to eternal hearing damage.

Swimmer’s ear

Blood pressure:

When you are persistently under pressure and never take time off from life, let us warn you that this stressful patch can cause high blood pressure. Stress paired with bad eating habits like excess salt intake is another culprit for pressure problems.

Blood pressure

With no time to even breathe in peace, it is arduous to make space for optimum health care involving exercises. Yoga is an ancient approach to effortlessly deal with health glitches. Healers at Home understand your fast paced lifestyle but desire to ensure suitable home health care. We at Healers at Home, provide elite and affordable home health care services like Yoga with expert tips and advice on nourishment. Squeeze fitness into your routine amalgamated with right diet to eradicate lifestyle diseases from your life.

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