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5 Frozen Shoulder Exercises for Quick Relief

Frozen shoulder is an extremely common condition that starts with a plain screech on lifting the arm and ends in complete immobilization of the shoulder. An individual’s shoulder comprises of three bones namely the humerus, scapula and clavicle and tissues that hold these bones together. This is called the shoulder capsule. If this shoulder capsule becomes rigid or inflamed the motion of the shoulder is automatically limited. Physiotherapy treatment for frozen shoulder is one of the most effective, affordable and solid cure for the malady. Are you experiencing dull pain in the area in and around your shoulder? Buzz us at Healers at Home for pertinent detection and resort to the below listed frozen shoulder exercises before it gets too late to recuperate:

  • Pendulum stretch:

In order to perform a pendulum stretch aptly, you will need a table or any sturdy equipment that reaches your waist level. Now stand close to the object positioning yourself such that your healthy arm is next to the item. The next step is to place the healthy arm on the article while leaning your body forward and taking precaution to not let your back round itself. Once you are in the leaning position, bring forward your affected arm and swirl it in circles for about 10 times clockwise and 10 times anticlockwise.1

  • Finger walk:

Like the name suggests, this physiotherapy exercise for frozen shoulder involves walking you finger up a wall thus stretching your arms to its highest capacity. Remember, to keep the affected arm at ‘V’ position while you walk your index and middle finger on an even surfaced wall.2

  • Standing extension:

The perks of standing extension can be doubled when performed with a light bane or cane. All you have to do is stand and hold the bar horizontally behind your body keeping your hands at shoulder level distance. Hold the rod in a way that you knuckles are facing downwards towards the ground. Now try to lift your arms upwards and feel the stretch on your shoulder blades.3

  • Cross body stretch:

This frozen shoulder exercise can be performed in both the sitting and standing position. Choose what makes you feel comfortable and bring the arm across the chest to the other side with the help of the vigorous arm. In extreme cases, you can make a fist to push the affected arm from the elbow. Now hold this position for 10-15 seconds.4

  • Doorway external rotation:

Standing in the middle of a doorway, bend the problematic arm at 90 degrees and grab the edge of the doorframe in a way that your body is farthest from it. Now move your body frontwards and backwards from the doorframe.StandingExternalRotationStretch

The above stated exercises form only a part of physiotherapy treatment for frozen shoulder. Every physiotherapy treatment for frozen shoulder is distinctive and varies from individual to individual. Make sure you warm up your body before jumping on to training by applying a heating pad and allowing it to cool down after the exercise.



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