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5 foods to avoid during pregnancy.


During pregnancy, a woman needs to take extra care of her diet. Some food may make you ill or harm the baby. A rule of thumb is to avoid processed food and to mostly have freshly prepared food. Here is a list of 5 food items that one must avoid during pregnancy:

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  1. Undercooked or raw eggs– These contain the harmful bacteria salmonella, which is a major cause of food poisoning. Consuming it can lead to fever, vomiting and abdominal pain. This can greatly affect the immune system and as such harm impact the baby’s growth negatively.
  2. Caffeine– A high intake of caffeine increases the chances of miscarriage and the risk of low birth weight. It can also lead to the experiencing of a difficult birth. Tea, coffee, chocolates, energy drinks and soft drinks are the main sources from where one will have access to caffeine. One should keep her intake of caffeine to less than 300 mg per day.
  3. Canned foods– Canned foods are bad for two reasons. Firstly, many of the canned foods like Tuna contain high levels of mercury that are harmful to the fetus as well as the mother. Secondly, the linings of canned food contain BPA (Bisphenol A), a harmful substance that causes fertility problems by affecting the fetal endocrine activity. It also increases the chances of cancer, heart diseases, and liver ailments.
  4. Street food– Although you may be tempted to have the mouth-watering Pani-puri, please don’t. Street food can increase the risk of food poisoning and infections, due to the low standard of hygiene often maintained at the food stalls.
  5. Raw milk– Raw milk contains harmful bacteria like listeria, E.coli, salmonella, and cryptosporidium. These can cause sickness in the mother, directly affecting the immune system and have an indirect impact on the growth of the fetus.

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