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5 Everyday Habits To Keep Your Heart Healthy & Fit

One of the most ignored organs in our body is ‘Heart’. They say do what your heart says, ignored! Take care of your heart, ignored! Healers at Home intend to keep you in the pink of health and at your solace. Take expert tips from Healers at Home and at this moment assess your lifestyle to see if you are leading one that is good for your heart or like other instances in life is heart-health is going for a toss?


5 habits to keep your heart healthy:

Move your body:

Exercise is one of the preeminent choices to keep your heart happy and healthful. Heart like other body parts needs regular exercise. Try to add cardiovascular or heart-pumping exercises to keep your heart strong. Yoga is another great alternative to keep the heart vigorous and calm.

move your body

Watch your weight:

Weight is directly related to your heart’s fitness. Risk of heart diseases and other disorders is said to be higher and common amongst people who are obese or overweight.

watch your weight

Take a smaller bite:

From getting the ultimate glowing skin to a head turning body, food is the one stop solution for all. Inclusion of all the essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats but not trans-fats is the key to a salubrious heart! Include a whole bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables especially leafy greens and anti-oxidants like berries.

smaller bite

Say no to non-prescribed medicines:

In India, people are their own doctors. If a person has fever, the first medicine that might be popped is Crocin. At times it might not be a regular fever and might require professional attention. People read about some medicine online and decide to self-analyze and pop the pill. Little do they know that random pill popping can damage their heart and other organs. Medicines taken without prescriptions might provide temporary relief but can prove lethal in the long run.


Avoid known no-nos!

People know that smoking, drinking and tobacco chewing is injurious to health but they still end up doing it. They forget that this addiction can be deadly. Avoid these common no-nos and avert the possibility of an unhealthy heart!


Lastly, stay happy! Nothing can be more beneficial to the heart than staying blissful and in high spirits. Try to keep your stress at bay with yoga or meditation. Yoga can be promising not only for your heart but for your complete body. With Healers at Home, Yoga can be practiced with elite teachers who will guide you with precise forms at the comfort of your home at pocket-friendly rates. Choose Healers at Home because like you we believe health and healing starts at home!


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