5 CEO’s who practice Yoga in their daily lives.

Have you ever thought how Yoga could help you in your work life and increase your productivity? Here are five CEO’s for whom Yoga has helped them in their careers

Mark T. Bertolini: He is the CEO of Aenta, a company that generated $58 billion annual revenue in the healthcare industry. After suffering from an accident, he took up Yoga to help him recover. He was so much impressed by the benefits, that he took active steps to incorporate the culture of Yoga among his employees. Now more than 12,500 employees have been to Yoga sessions at the company.


Ratan Tata: Being 79-year-old has not stopped Ratan Tata from being the chairman of the Tata Trust. Having trained under Bharat Thakur, a famous yoga guru, he is a regular practitioner of Yoga. Perhaps Yoga is one of the reasons for being fit.

Donna Karan: The founder of the fashion brand DKNY (Donna Karan New York), she has been a Yoga practitioner for 30 years. “Yoga keeps me spiritually centred”, is what she believes in. Now in her Urban Zen Foundation in New York, Yoga is one of the therapies promoted for a better urban lifestyle.

Stanton Kawer: Being the CEO of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, a company generating revenues around $75 million annually, can be a stressful job. However for Stanton, Yoga has been a constant companion. “Yoga made me a better CEO”, says Stanton. It has also helped him to build a more community based corporate system. Out of all the forms of Yoga, Vinyasa is his favourite one, which helps him to be unconventional and keep on challenging himself.

Bill Gross: “After three hours on the trading desk, I walk across the street and do an hour’s worth of yoga”, say Bill Gross. Known as the “Bond King” and the erstwhile manager of the $279 billion PIMCO Total Return Fund, he is valued at a Net worth of $2.5 billion. He believes he gets his best ideas after a Yoga session.

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