Back pain is a very regular and common problem faced by almost every other person today. It has become as regular as cold and cough. Back pain usually occurs in two conditions. First, if the person is too old. Second, if the person continues in one position for a longer period of time. Other than these two conditions, back pain can also take birth due to too much sitting, too much stand or walking, wrong postures or weakness, etc. Therefore is has become a very regular demand to get off this pain among st the local people.

Here are the best five exercises you can perform in order to get rid of back pain.


This involves the use of your legs basically. Lie down on a bed sheet or something. Kneel on one of your knees and stretch the other leg. Perform this 8-10 times using each leg. It strengthens the abs and low back. It also brings a correct and perfect posture to the spine.


This is exactly similar to the actual swimming method. In this, lie down on your stomach. Extend both the arms and legs. Once you are settled, lift your arms and legs and keep your nose straight and in the middle. Now slowly move your arms and legs as if you are in the water. It brings grip to the core muscles and strengthens them.


This includes lying down on the floor on both your elbows. Make sure your elbows make a 90-degree angle with your shoulders. Now raise your body on both the toes and make sure your hips do not get raised or drop. It brings a proper posture and brings strength to the core muscles.


Begin sitting on the floor on your legs. Now bend forward with both your hands stretched away from your body. Hold on to this position for a minute and then take some rest. Repeat this 5-6 times. This brings a correct posture and strengthens all the core muscles.


Lie down flat on your back. Inhale and then exhale and get into a C-shaped curve. Get into the normal position. Repeat the same procedure 8-10 times. This exercise brings tightness in the back by stretching the back muscles and legs. It also teaches to articulate your spine.

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