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5 Benefits Of Doing Yoga In Pregnancy

Right from battling the constant urge to pee to tremendous mental pressure, pregnancy is a beautiful yet tedious epoch. Yoga has been successfully filling lives with serenity since ages, whether pregnant or not yoga is for all! Yoga might feel difficult or straining during the initial stage but yoga for pregnant women is actually a boon.


5 benefits of doing yoga in pregnancy:

Yoga for pregnant women is a classic tactic to combat both the physical and mental renovations. Here is why yoga is a definite yes-yes for the pregnant women:

Wave bye to morning sickness:

Imagine getting up to a beautiful bird chirping followed with nausea and vomit. Feeling relentlessly nauseated is highly discomforting. Yoga will efficiently help your curb the morning sickness and the feeling of constantly throwing up.

Getting ready for labour:

Yoga for pregnant women comes with its own set of perks. Breathing is the heart of yoga. Deep and slow breathing followed in most of the asanas will help the pregnant ladies to stay calm and in turn get prepared for a later stage i.e. labour. Deep- breathing strengthens the core abdominal muscles and diaphragm by letting it absorb additional oxygen. Proficient breathing is also said to aid in anxiety-free delivery.

Embrace flexibility and strength:

Prenatal yoga capably tones and fortifies the crucial muscles like pelvic floor, hips and abdominal core muscles. A muscle should not be too lax or too tight especially during the pregnancy stage and yoga will strike the right balance between both. With certain asanas, like the butterfly pose the pelvic area is stretched inducing flexibility for the testing stage.

Connect with your baby even before birth:

Yoga for pregnant women is a secret array to bond with your baby. Those times when you feel a gentle flick or kick in your womb will make you feel blissful thinking that the baby is with you in the act too and is responding.

Healthier toddler:

Your baby is what you are! According to a study, pregnant women who performed yoga were found to be less likely to deliver a premature or low-weight baby.

Diverse asanas are performed during the three trimesters of pregnancy. But during the later stages of pregnancy travelling can be highly distressing. Also, attending yoga centers in Delhi can be highly unpleasant with the odd even and pollution trauma. Why worry when Healers at Home resourcefully cater the need of yoga classes right at your doorstep! We at Healers at Home gratify trained and experienced yoga teachers so that you can learn and grow at the comfort of your home!

Healthier toddler

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