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4 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Did you know that 1 out of every 8 women is at a risk of developing breast cancer? Breast cancer generally develops after 30 but there is no assured age. Like said prevention is better than cure, why not resort to early precautionary measures to dodge breast cancer?

4 ways to reduce your risk for breast cancer:

In spite of detection and treatment techniques available, there are lakhs of deaths among women due to breast cancer. With a few renovations in your daily routine you can decline the possibility of being that one out of 8 women to be infected with breast cancer and avert the trauma for yourself and for your family.

Look into your family’s past:

Every ailment is contracted due to wrong lifestyle, bad body condition or when it is hereditary. Look out for anyone in your family that has suffered from breast cancer. Be it your grandmother, mother, aunt or sister, if there is a hint of breast cancer, immediately inform your doctor. Your doctor will then cross check the possibility with additional tests and will give advice to safeguard against the added risk.

Test at home:

Early detection can shoot the survival chances. It is important to observe your breasts and check for any abnormality or lumps. This can be easily looked out for by examining your breast at home. Our article https://www.healersathome.com/blog/steps-to-do-breast-self-examination-and-care/ explains step by step self-examination for breast cancer.

Do not rely solely on Mammogram:

A mammogram generally helps your doctor to check if you are at a risk of developing breast cancer. It also helps to detect if breast cancer persists in either or both of the breasts. But in some cases, especially when a person is young, mammogram fails to give accurate results. Speak to your doctor and opt for extra tests especially if breast cancer runs in the family.

Live health, stay healthy:

If you eat, sleep and live well you are automatically immune to most of the ailments. If you are a smoker and/or occasional/regular drinker,

down on both. It not only magnifies the chances of breast cancer but is responsible for other innumerable hazardous disorders. Start living a healthy lifestyle stacked and scheduled with optimum exercises, sleep and right food. Intake of fresh fruits, green vegetables and dry fruits will not only act as a shield for cancer but will enhance your overall immunity and well-being.

Remember to start early to lead a tension-free life!

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