4 Most Common Sports Injuries and Ways to Avoid

Sport is a profession, hobby or is followed for mere fitness. Exercising by playing sports such as badminton, football, squash, tennis or cricket can be fun and immensely beneficial to the health. The positive side of sports overweight the cons to such an extent that it is merely neglected like a sports injury. The intensity of an injury can be minor or major. Some injuries are good to go with stretching while some require a surgery. There are innumerable types of sports injuries that can be caused by poor training, wrong posture, improper equipment, flawed technique or sometimes due to no adequate warm ups and stretching. Injuries can be dodged if you know how they are caused and what precautions to take.

Here is a list of 4 most common sports injuries:

Ankle sprain:

Sprain is a type of injury that can occur in almost any type of activity even walking for that matter.

Cause: When the foot turns in an abnormal direction, it stretches and tears the ligaments on the outside. This happens when the ankle generally turns inwards while walking, running etc.

Symptoms: Pain followed with swelling near the ankle. You will not feel stable while walking.

Ankle sprain


Knee injury:

Did you know that 55% of the existing knee injuries comprise of sports injuries? Knee injuries can occur to any sportsperson like a cyclist or footballer.

Cause: Knee injuries are caused by feeble quadriceps or imbalance around the knee. It can also be caused while over training for a particular activity or when you wear wrong shoes.

Symptoms: Pain in the knee area especially near the knee cap and difficulty in sitting or standing indicates a knee injury.

Knee injury

Shin splints:

Shin splint is inflammation and pain along the side of the side bone.

Cause: Not suffice warm up or stretch, improper running techniques or shoes that do not provide adequate support to the shin while running, or having “flat feet” can contribute to shin splints.

Symptoms: Sting on touch, soreness and swelling and a twinge while jogging are common symptoms of a shin splint.

Shin splints

Lower back pain:

Lower back pain affects runners, cyclists =, baseball player or normal people who have a wrong posture or do not adopt the right ‘Form’ while exercising.

Cause: Incorrect form, excessive training, sudden jerk and poor preparation are major causes of a lower back pain.

Symptoms: Back pain can be mild or severe, or periodic or chronic. It inhibits free movement for the body and restricts bending.

Lower back pain

Other injuries like fractures, dislocations, tennis elbow do occur but not every day. Minor or major, sports injuries need professional guidance to heal quickly and safely. Specialists at healers at home not only help you recover but steer you in a way you can avoid them in the future. In this stage of discomfort, the aggrieved cannot be expected to travel miles to just see a doctor or a mere physiotherapist. Healers at Home can save your precious time and provide A-class experienced certified physiotherapists right at your doorstep! What is the best part? We are affordable!

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