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4 Healthy Foods Which Are Actually Bad For Health

Have you put your mind and soul in continuing the strict diet that you decided on for your home health care routine? You have done your best to curb the cravings for your favorite foods and avoided junk food religiously, but can’t really understand as to why it has not proved effective yet?

Maybe the hidden high amounts of sugar and processed fats in your seemingly healthy meal are to blame. When it comes to health and fitness, it is observed that people go to great extents from changing their entire diet plans, lifestyles to getting themselves home health care services as well. But all that hard work and home care services could go in vain and you may only realize it once it’s too late. To help you understand better, we’ll let the facts speak for themselves:

Fruit Juices

Most packed fruit juices available in the market contain more sugar than nutrients in them. For anyone looking forward to staying fit, fruit juices get included in their diet without fail. As is the case the bottled/canned juices that we buy come with fruit-flavored sugary water which may or may not contain real fruits. Moreover, even self-prepared fruit juices exclude the fibrous parts or pulps in a fruit thus leaving mostly the starch rich portion for the consumers.

fruit juice

Fat-free or low fat food

fat free


Another facts states that the  removal of fats from food items causes a huge drop in their taste levels to compensate which the food manufacturers take to adding a good amount of sugar to the processed low-fat or fat-free food items. High sugar content in the food items that you consume can shoot up bad cholesterol levels, and thus increase the risk of heart diseases in an individual.

Processed Breakfast cereals

One food item that we have religiously included in our diets when we are bent on controlling our body weight, are breakfast cereals. Even though the breakfast cereals popularly available in the market may promise of whole grains, fibers and low-fat, the reality is very different. Checking out the ingredients’ list might reveal that these cereals come with sugar, artificial additives and refined grains.


Vegetable oil

All the promise that you might have seen the big brands of industrial vegetable oils make through their TV ads may not be as true as they sound. These oils not only contain biologically active fats like Omega-6, but also mess up the fatty acid composition of the body cells. Coming with trans-fats, they increase the risk of heart diseases and obesity.

So, the next time you pick up a food or grocery item with the blind belief that it is healthy, take the time out to read the fine print; trust us, it will do your pocket and your health a world of good.

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