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4 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad For Your Health

Today everybody wants to live healthy and without any ailments. For this people opt for healthy food paired with exercises and fitness regimes. People tag and try things as healthy without any professional consultation but in reality they are not as healthy as they claim to be. “I eat energy bar before I go to the gym for instant energy. It is healthy, I read about it on the internet and saw on TV” was said by a man with half-knowledge. Like said half knowledge is worse than no knowledge, professionals at Healers at Home have curated a list of items that people assume to be healthy but in reality are bad for your health.

4 healthy foods those are actually bad for you:

Premade Smoothies:

Summers or café visits make us consume the refreshing smoothies. Just because a smoothie is stacked with fruit doesn’t mean that is equally light and incredible for health. Intake of banana, berries and other naturally sweet fruits in the form of smoothies can cross the daily sugar intake of 25 grams. Don’t be wooed by fancy words like smoothie is now loaded with Vitamin C or antioxidants because in reality it is a packet full of sugar with over 40 grams of sugar per drink!

Alternative: Make selected fruits, fresh smoothies rather than buying.

Fat-free yogurt:

An extravagant packet of yogurt with FAT-FREE written on it ever caught your attention in the super-mart? Fat-free yogurt like smoothies is also jammed with sugar. A tiny 6-ounce serving can contain sugar upto 15 grams!

fat free

Alternative: Have fresh home-made yogurt with cow milk to make it fat-free in real.

Fruit juice:

Surprised? Fruit juice though healthy but actually shoots up your body sugar level. Infact a glass of fruit juice especially ones like orange contain sugar that is equivalent to the sugar level in soft drinks.

fruit juice

Alternative: Avoid fruit juices opt for direct consumption of fruits. Pomegranate and blueberry juices can be guzzled for occasional drinking.

Multigrain bread:

“I can eat bread because I am eating multi-grain bread, so no fats or calories”, is used by every food and health lover! Well to shatter you, in reality, multi-grain or whole-wheat bread lack fiber actually spikes your blood sugar level up and in turn leads to craving. This bread does more harm than good because you might cut some calories initially but it will leave you craving for something unhealthier!


Alternative: Just enjoy white bread or check for the ingredients in brown bread to be whole grain flour and not refined or any other flour.

So do not be fooled with misleading advertisements that highlight a particular ingredient. Consult a professional and adopt home health care to know which food item is actually good for health. Read the ingredient list on the product carefully! Be a smart eater!

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