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4 Healthy Baby Feeding Tips

From feeding breastfeeding to bottle feeding babies are no less cranky. As a mother, you need to grab their right nerves to know will they will not be fussy about eating, how to latch them for a longer duration so that they get full and how to use feeding as a method to make babies sleep peacefully during the night.

4 healthy tips for baby feeding:

Infant care just like the infant is very delicate and if right baby care is not taken during the initial stages, toddler’s health can go for a toss. Like food defines a person, apt food for the toddler will assist in building the overall health and immunity of the baby.

  • While breast feeding, there are certain foods to eat additionally while there are certain food items to avoid completely. Caffeine, alcohol, spicy food and garlic are some items that you need to dodge for various reasons. While ingredients like fruits, pulses and low fat dairy need to be consumed over and above the normal requirement. Abiding by these, you can create good milk flow without passing any complexities for the baby to digest.



  • Never over feed the baby. If the baby throws the nipple out of his mouth constantly for two to three times get to know that the baby is full. Regular wet diapers are also an indicator that the baby is getting enough milk.


  • Once the baby starts eating solids and other food bombard them with variety so that new taste buds can be augmented. Inculcation of single or same food in the diet builds a picky and fussy future eater.

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  • There might be some food items that might have been a bust for the baby. Do you know a baby needs to consume a particular food items for about 15 times before a child willingly accepts new food. If dairy products or a particular veggie turned out to be no-no for the baby, try again!

As a mother remember to be close to the child even when they grow up eating on their own. Having meals together has a positive impact on kids. Infant day care requires immense patience and dedication. It is recommendable for you to take some assistance in baby health care so that you have enough time for yourself. We at Healers at Home provide the best-in- class pre-natal and post-partum home services for mothers who would love to heal at home!

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