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3 Yoga Poses to Change Behavior and Break Bad Habits

Words today hold nominal weightage. Be it as New Year resolutions or as a commitment; promises are broken as easily as they are made. To make sure your promise remains a promise, welcome yoga exercises in your life. Wondering how a regimen can be a game-changer? Read below to know what you don’t!                                                                                             beach-yoga (1)

How do yoga exercises help to break bad habits?

  • To discontinue the bad habits, it mandates a change in attitude towards them. You cannot feel stressed about smoking a lot and end up smoking because of the stress that has now cropped up. As yoga exercises harmonize the mind and the body, this vicious circle of thoughts can be brought to a standstill.
  • Yoga exercises filter the overall thought process thus allowing you to take sane and productive decisions rather than mindlessly going about the day.
  • Like yoga poses require dedication and commitment to learn and execute it, the same principle will be applied while overcoming the addiction.
  • Yoga is highly empowering in reflecting real capabilities. As it boosts inner positivity and strength, pessimism can be kept at bay.                                                                                      Yoga for Meditation

Which yoga exercises can change behavior break bad habits?

1. Balasana:

Have you ever seen a child feeling bumped out? No right! Balasana will throw you back in the zone of serenity. Resembling to the fetal position of a baby, it is known to be the epitome of anxiety release. Balasana yields impeccable results when performed empty stomach.

  • Sit in Vinyasa.
  • Inhale and raise your hands in the air.
  • Exhale and extend your arms straight in a way that your chest touches your thighs.
  • Hold the pose for 3-5 breaths till you feel calmness hitting your head.                                  31

2. Dhanurasana:

Like a bow takes back an arrow to only shoot it ahead, dhanurasana makes your willpower like an arrow.

  • Lie on your chest with arms placed on the side of your body.
  • Folding your knees, take your arms backward to hold your ankles.
  • Now breathe in and spread your shoulders and chest.
  • Continue to take long breaths as you pump up constructiveness in your body.2

3. Vrikasana:

It is very difficult to pull the tree from its roots. Vrikasana will make your goals and intentions as strong as the tree!

  • Stand straight.
  • Now fold one of your legs and rest it on the other legs in a way that the fold looks like a triangle.
  • Close your eyes and balance your body for as long as you can.
  • Switch legs, repeat.young woman doing yoga exercises

If you are tired of putting yourself in the circle of vows and blatantly breaking it and fear that adopting a yoga program will be one of the victims too, it is advisable to call for a yoga trainer at home. Your place, your time and an option to perform yoga exercises in your favorite PJs, yoga at home is undoubtedly a good start to a revamped behavior!

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