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3 Ways to Avoid Injuries While Practicing Yoga

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Today more and more people practicing yoga exercises to make their body fit and healthy. Yoga is usually considered as a very beneficial aerobics. Yoga asanas are not only making the body strong and flexible but also work as a major healing agent for the body.

People go to yoga classes and also do yoga at home. But it has some rules, regulations that you have to follow. If you will not follow these rules and regulations, you will get injuries in your body and it may be problematic for you. Besides taking advice from doctors before practicing yoga, you need to appoint an instructor for you. Additionally, you have to be cautious of your own to decrease injuries. Here are some tips by which you can avoid injuries.

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  1. Be mindful during yoga exercises

Most of the time people get hurt in yoga classes due to absent mind while practicing repetitive movements. You must be practicing yoga poses repeatedly like Sun salutations, switching over from plank to chaturanga, jump backs and jump through every day. Sometimes we make mistakes during these oft-practiced movements by losing our focus and tend to start the wrong form and we do not have knowledge on that. So that we start to become lazy, or to excessively giving stress to muscles which are stronger or more open. Thus there will be an imbalance in the body and as a result, you can easily get an injury.

So always try to be mindful that you are continuing with your body, and do the patterns of movements periodically during the yoga practice. So that, you can be safe.

  1. When there is artificial heat, hold back.

During some yoga exercises, you have to practice in a heated room and therefore you have to be more careful. The artificial heat creates more openness in the ligaments and tendons which cannot be present under normal circumstances. So that you may feel that you have more length in poses like forwarding Bends or in Pigeon Pose. You must know that stretching a muscle and stretching a ligament or a tendon are not the same things.

When you have an injury in a muscle, it can take a smaller time to heal as muscles have the abundant blood supply. But ligaments and tendons have a very nominal blood supply and if any of it gets stretched, it will take months or years to heal. Sometimes it may not heal.

It does not mean that you should be very cautious, or excessively controlled, rather you should be careful about not going beyond that and you would in a room which is not artificially heated. Learn to stay with this injury. So, even if you need to do hot yoga stretches, please be cautious and hold back.

  1. Balance strength and flexibility of the muscles

If your yoga practice is not perfect means you are only giving stress to strength by allowing yourself get tighter and tighter, or simply focusing on flexibility, letting your body to become flabbier. Thus you are making yourself to get hurt during yoga practices.

Our body always needs a balance of strength and flexibility to be safe. Therefore you always should practice in such a manner that you can get benefitted. If your body is naturally very flexible, then you can focus on your strength-building activities and vice versa. Balance also helps in decreasing injuries during yoga exercises.

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