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3 Simple Ways to Improve Back Flexibility & Mobility

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We all want our body to be more flexible but don’t try to do anything about it, as all the training needed for flexibility and mobility of the body seem like the unusual form of torture.

People whenever to want to improve the flexibility and mobility of their back; they start exercising and fitness regimens. If you do not feel sensation, tightness or stiffness in your muscles, then there is no necessity to go for flexibility training. But if you give more effort to do small works like wearing the shoes, you must have a problem in your back. Therefore you must consult a physiotherapist for lower back pain relief and also do physiotherapy for back pain.

Below you will get to know how to improve your flexibility quickly and safely. To do this comfortably, you require focus, motivation, and enough patience.

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1. Chose proper exercises to develop stability

Stability is also known as balance. But it doesn’t always mean to keep up the balance in one leg. But stability means one can perform movements and works comfortably without trembling or losing balance and the person has poor control over joint positioning.

If your body sensations are not stable, it affects the motion of your joints and it gets reduced. You can take the example of ice skating. On the ice, we try hard to make our steps stable as the surface is slippery. A beginner puts short steps on the ice for the first time and he tries to reduce the size of his movements across all his joints. On the other hand, a confident skater is more stable as he has more control over his motion and he performs bigger, bolder and his movements are more graceful with enough control.

Therefore you need proper exercise to increase the flexibility and mobility of the back and other joints.

2.Choose exercises that require a big ROM

To make your body flexible, you need to stretch your body regularly otherwise you will have stiffness and tightness in your joints. If you do not have enough time to do exercises, select some specific exercises to enhance movement of the joints. These exercises simultaneously give you the benefits of working and stretching.

These types of stretching stimulate the nervous system more by encouraging energetic joint control from your muscles during the stretch. Thus to increase fast flexibility you have to do exercises with a good range of motion. Some flexibility exercises include the overhead squat, Turkish get up, depth lunge etc.

3. Opt for multi-directional exercises

To improve the mobility and flexibility of your back, there are the necessities of a good range of motions in every direction. As muscles have movement and stability in 3 dimensions, therefore you need to stretch them in 3D.

Though many usual yoga exercises give stress on stretching in one direction, the hamstring stretch is the best one. It is normally performed in a forward bend. These stretch not only do the hip flexion and extension but also do tangential and rotational hip motions. Therefore the hamstrings must be stretched in all the directions and it can be completed with a stretch matrix.

A stretch matrix performs a stretch in a muscles dominant plane and at the same time by holding that stretch, do the movement in all other directions. You can improve the flexibility by doing multidirectional stretches.

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