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3 Kitchen Secrets That Will Reduce Back Pain

House wives who constantly keep working in the kitchen or for the maintenance of the house, complain of back pain. What they do not know is the secret remedy for their back pain lies in the kitchen itself. Like health begins at home, let the treatment for lower back pain begin at home! If you have opted for physiotherapy for lower back pain, add on the following ingredients in your regime to get the best of results!

3 kitchen secrets that will reduce lower back pain:


It is funny how one ingredient can play so many roles. On one hand potato is unhealthy in the form of French fries while on the other hand, it works wonders for treatment of lower back pain. Potato juice possesses anti-inflammatory properties that aids in easing persisting lower back pain.


What to do:

You can drink raw potato juice on empty stomach early morning, to get the best of results. If you do not like the taste, you can grate some raw potatoes and place them in a cloth. Tie the cloth firmly into a knot and place this on your back for a minimal duration of one hour to get some pain relief.


Another marvelous treatment for lower back pain right in your home is the luscious cabbage. Like potato, cabbage also has anti-inflammatory properties that eradicate the swelling in the nerves that lead to lower back pain.


What to do:

Make juice of cabbage leaves, add tint of ginger for a decent taste and add some water to it and drink the entire mixture. If you are skeptical about the taste, add cabbage leaves in boiling milk till the mix becomes thick. Once the mixture has cooled down after thickening, tie it inside a cloth and place it on the problematic area.

Chilli Pepper:

Hot peppers are loaded with an anti-inflammatory component called capsaicin. This component along with declining the swelling also aids in pacifying the pain signals sent by brain out to the body that in turn reprieves pain.

Chilli Pepper

What to do:

Add chilli pepper regularly to dals, sabzis or salads.

If you suffer from acidity or any condition where you cannot intake chilli pepper in suffice quantity then, mix 3 tbsp of cayenne powder with a cup of mustard/coconut oil. Heat this mixture for 8-10 minutes followed with adding of half cup beeswax and continue heating till the wax melts. Now place this mixture in the fridge or about 10 minutes. After removing it from the fridge, wait until it reaches room temperature and whip the entire mixture to again keep it in the fridge. Repeat the whipping after 10 minutes and store in a jar. Massage on affected area whenever required.

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, it will be advisable to decide on physiotherapy for lower back pain. Physiotherapy is one of the most effective techniques to calm the throbbing ache. With Healers at Home, you can break through the soaring lower back pain at the comfort of your home, with specialized physiotherapists and at affordable rates!

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