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20 Myths about Baby Care – 16th one will Surprise You!

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There are a lot of myths revolving around baby care. Taking care of a New Born is a very tedious task and they are very demanding in terms of time.

There are a lot of myths revolving around about a New Born baby care. Let us bust these myths for you!

20 Myths about Baby Care:

  1. Oil Massages Are Old

A massage improves the blood circulation in the body and if the baby is given an oil massage prior to a hot water bath it can induce sound sleep. Sound sleep directly results in better growth of the baby.

  1. Bottle-Feeding Is Good.

The ideal milk for a baby is the mother’s breast milk. It contains antibodies that help the baby fight viruses and bacteria and also has a high nutritious value to it.

  1. Bland Diet Consumption.

This is another popular myth regarding the mother consuming bland food is good for the baby. But it’s so not true! You can eat anything you normally would other than any sort of allergic or unhygienic food. It actually helps the baby develop a taste.

  1. Nursing a Baby Soon After Birth Helps In Bonding.

A baby-mother relationship is not going to get hampered due to a few days of separation. Especially mothers who have had a C-Section, it’s difficult to immediately take care of your baby as you have to yourself recover first.

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  1. Kaala Tikka Wards Off Evil Eye.

This is the oldest myth in the Indian baby care book. Science does not support this view at all.

  1. No Breastfeeding for the First 3 Days.

This is the most dangerous myth revolving around from decades. Not breastfeeding your baby the first 3 days after birth can be really deteriorating to the baby’s health.

  1. Crying Will Tire the Baby.

Many mothers don’t want their babies to cry, simply because they feel it will directly affect the baby’s health. That’s not true! Science actually says the opposite. Crying makes the baby’s heart strong and he is actually using his lungs to the fullest while crying. So crying is actually healthy.

  1. Babies Must Have Ripe Bananas as First Solid.

Ground rice is a better option as it’s packed with iron and it’s also lighter to digest.

  1. Ayurvedic Drinks like “Janam Guttis” Is Good For Health.

The baby’s stomach is really sensitive up to the age of 1 year. It would be a better idea to start giving such homemade solutions in the second year.

  1. When Baby Has Hiccups, He needs Water.

Doctors always suggest new mothers give the baby only her breast milk in the first few months as it is the best source of nutrition and fluid. A baby doesn’t really need water as breast milk has everything he needs.

  1. A New Born Should Be Kept Indoors.

Well, actually fresh air is good for your baby unless there is some sort of extreme weather condition outside, it’s always a better idea to take him/her out a bit.

  1. Natural Ingredient Such As Haldi Is A Better Alternative To Soap.

It is actually a fact that Haldi can be harsh on your baby’s skin as it is not as mild as it’s claimed. It can also cause a rash or allergy.

  1. Newborns Should Be Given Honey.

This can be extremely dangerous as honey contains the clostridium bacteria and it can cause botulism. A baby who is less than a year old should never be given honey.

  1. Wrapping an Infant Tightly to Straighten His Legs.

This is the most common practice but no research backs it up. The baby should never be wrapped too tightly to a point where he is uncomfortable.

  1. Breast Milk Can Cure Ear Infection.

While it’s true that breast milk contains antibodies but it surely doesn’t contain antibiotics. So, if someone tells you to put a drop of your breast milk in the baby’s ear to cure an infection clear them of this myth.

  1. Your Baby Wants Milk when she’s Hungry.

It is a known fact that a baby doesn’t need the breast milk only for its nutritious value & hunger but also to feel secure. The sucking motion helps a baby relax.

  1. A Breastfed Baby Has A Closer Bond With The Mother Than A Bottle-Fed.

The feeding method has no such effect on bonding. All that matters is how you hold her during a feed and how comfortable and secure she feels around you.

  1. Teething Is The Cause Of Aches And Fevers.

Teething is actually really mild on the baby, what causes the fevers and the pain is the reduced natural immunity the baby has. Around the sixth month onwards a baby loses its natural immunity.

  1. A Six-Month-Old Baby Can Be Potty Trained.

This is the biggest misconception; a baby actually has no control over it at this age.

  1. A Baby Should Sleep through the Night by 4 Months.

Statistics suggest that only about 50% of the babies are able to sleep throughout the night even at the age of 1 year.

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