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2 Crazy Russian Girls – They Do Yoga in the snow -40 degree Celsius!

When we hear the word  ‘yoga,’ the mind brings up images of either an Indian guru or a gym class balancing in the warrior pose. How about doing an asana or two outdoors, in the snow, like these two Russian girls?

Yuliya and Ekaterina two young ladies are taking the Yoga challenge to a whole new level. They are doing yoga asanas in the snow, performing it at the bone-chilling weather of -40 degree Celsius in Oymyakom in Siberia. This lowest temperature is enough to take your breath away but the video of these ladies showing their daring act doing Chakrasana and Surya Namaskar have made them famous across the globe. these young ladies, look so comfortable in regards to the chilly as they adjust themselves in different yoga postures.

The young ladies hail from the town of Tynda in the Amur area of Russia’s the Far East. The normal temperatures in January there drift around – 30 degree Celsius.

Russians have constantly lifted their organizations, be it the Cryophile winter swimming club or an elderly Russian lady strolling shoeless over a stream in Vologda Region.

A portion of the basic yoga represents that was performed by Yuliya and Ekaterina are recorded underneath.


Sirsasana or headstand

Sirsasana or headstand Relieves Stress, Increases Focus, Improves Blood Flow To The Eyes, Increases Blood Flow To The Head And Scalp, Strengthens Shoulders And Arms, Improves Digestion, Helps To Flush Out The Adrenal Glands, Decreases Fluid Build-Up In The Legs, Ankles, And Feet, Develops Strength In The Core Muscles, Stimulates The Lymphatic System.

(Source- Sukha)

Rope yoga

Rope yoga opens up your body enabling you to extend further and longer in a posture than rehearsing it ordinarily. The Yoga Rope Wall much of the time report diminished pressure in their spines. This is particularly valid for voyagers, those with work area occupations, and those with a past filled with back issues.

Crescent moon yoga posture

Bow Moon posture profoundly extends and opens the sides of the body and enhances center body quality, adjust and focus. Half-moon fortifies the lower legs and knees, enhances flow and empowers the whole body.


Leg high Stance yoga

Cures stomach issue like corrosiveness, heartburn, and clogging, Strengthens the stomach organs, Strengthens the back and hip and thigh muscles, Helpful for those torment from gas issues, acridity, joint inflammation torment, heart issues and midriff torment, Cures back agony, Helps to diminish condition the stomach muscles, Helpful for getting more fit, Good for diabetes patients, Improve the capacity of stomach related frameworks, Remove gases from the digestive system, Good to increase blood flow around the body, Help to lessen weight in the guts region, thighs, and hips, Excellent for 6 packs abs, Improve the capacity of conceptive organs .


Kudos to these ladies as they have raised the bar of doing yoga in extremities.

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