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12 Health Tips 2018 to meet your Monthly Weight Loss Targets.

It is that time of the year again when countless resolutions are made and broken as soon as lethargy overpowers excitement. Like learning a new skill takes time, dedication and willingness; abiding by a resolution is nothing less. This year do not make a big weight loss resolution at the beginning of the year, rather make small resolutions that sync to accomplish the big goal. This article will help you to take baby steps so you can reach your weight loss goals in 2018. Inculcate yoga to reduce belly fat and see those long lasting resolutions take form.21

  • January: Regulate sleep pattern.

One of the essentials for effective weight loss is getting seven hours of continuous sleep, especially during the night. When you sleep less, you will feel hungrier during the next day to compensate for the lack of energy and will also procrastinate exercising. Hogging more and working out less; definitely a no-no! 1

  • February: Set exercise time.

The problem with individuals is that they over-commit. Set a feasible target for yourself especially when it comes to the training time. For people whose schedules are too cramped up, do not skip exercise by exclaiming that you’re busy. No matter how occupied a person is, half an hour can be adjusted for exercising.                                                                             2

  • March: Chew well.

In today’s world, mindfulness is a blessing. We are not able to gulp a single morsel of food without television or laptops running shows. When your mind concentrates on the show, your other regimes like chewing and mindful eating suffer. It is suggested to chew weight for about 40 times for you to avoid overeating.                  3

  • April: Limit sugar.

Replace your sugar with natural sweeteners like dates, jaggery or honey. Avoid stocking up your house with ice creams and chocolates to avert the possibility of binging during your blues.                                                                                                                                                                                 4

  • May: Mix and match.

Do not let monotony hit you and compel you to give up on exercising. Whatever amount of time you have set for exercising can be filled with activities you love. If you are too bored to travel, yoga at home is a thinkable choice.                                                                                                       5

  • June: Level up on H2O.

If you have been eating and exercising well but still haven’t been able to loose weight, it is probably because you do not drink enough water. Water is vital to eliminate excess salt and sugar from the body. A glass of water should be your go-to every half hour.                                        6

  • July: Wave goodbye to processed foods.

Take a one week challenge of banning biscuits, sodas, chips and any processed food and witness your waist automatically feel slimmer. If you have nothing to snack on; oats, nuts, fruits are an excellent substitute.                                                                                                                         7

  • August: Move!

Being so comfortable in the lazy zone, we dread movement. Remember the longer you sit, the more you are allowing the fats in your body to sit around. Get up every half an hour, take a quick stroll and continue. Cannot move? Stretch or perform simple corporate yoga exercises at office.

Businessman in black suit, blue shirt, and blue tie is sitting meditation style in the green grass

  • September: Green up.

Indian meals are exclusive of salads. Ditch your potatoes for leafy greens and other vegetables that are high in fiber. Stir fried or as salads, make sure you include veggies during both lunch and dinner.9

  • October: Check on digestion

If you do not empty your bowels, toxins stay in your colon and cause inflammation, digestive tract infections, and weight gain. Yoga for belly fat is a versatile solution fostered to crack every problem.                                                                                                                                           10

  • November: No snacking before bed-time.

If you eat right before sleeping, your body is focused on digestion and not sleeping thus disrupting your entire schedule. Try to eat before 9 pm and sleep by 12 am to maintain the right balance.                                                                                                                                                                11

  • December: Broader health goals

Using yoga for weight loss is a short- term goal. Rather than curating resolutions, it is advisable to lead a lifestyle that doesn’t demand you to make one. Fitness is not about being fat or thin,its about being staunch enough to perform tasks irrespective of your age. How you ask? Yoga is what we say! 12

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