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10 Simple Infant Care Tricks

Babies are like a gadget that does not come with a user manual! With your first time parenting, you will face tons of dilemmas but they will be rewarded with adorable giggles and random cute surprises. To ease the motherhood pressure and to strike the right balance between segregating your time with yourself, family and the baby, we at Healers at Home have curated top 10 infant care tips:

  • Diapers are an expensive way to dispose poop. You can’t constantly keep changing them while at the same time you cannot keep checking it time and again. Here is the tip, you can check whether the baby is wet or poppy by looking at the diaper’s color line. Mostly all diapers have a yellow line on the front that turns to blue when your baby is wet.



  • Skip the trending baby wipes as they are heavy on the pocket and can cause rashes on sensitive bummies.
  • One of the most annoying newborn baby care problems is losing the tiny pair of socks. You can avert this sock search by washing the socks in a mesh laundry bag.

newborn baby care

  • You change yourself and the baby when they pee because 99% of the times the baby ends up peeing on you. Remember that the moment cool air hits a baby’s privates, they tend to pee. While changing, you can place a small cloth so that you can spare the unwanted shower.
  • Parents have a myth that even the minutest of noise will not put the baby to sleep. Music can tame a beast! A soft and soothing music in the background can calm your baby while crying or while putting them to sleep.
  • You can save sometime by not sterilizing the pacifiers. The pro tip being you can store them in the go cups or buy a self-closing one.


  • Stroke the baby’s face mildly with a tissue due to which their eyelashes will repetitively battle making it heavy and putting them to sleep in less than 40 seconds.

baby face

  • Who doesn’t love feet massages? Infant care is incomplete without appropriate massage to boost their growth. You can pacify the problematic area by applying gentle pressure and massaging specific areas on the foot.

feet massages

  • Newborn baby care comprises of hard nail-cutting procedure. With delicate nails, mothers are skeptical to cut nails. The best time to trim nails is when it is 20 minutes post the baby has slept.

Newborn baby care

  • If you baby is an early riser change your curtains to a darker shade probably black so that miss-sunshine cannot peep in and can let the baby sleep for hours.Infant care is a great liability and we at Healers at Home assist you to tackle everything right from the pre-natal stage to post-partum upkeep. Why suffer when you and your baby can grow conveniently at home?
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