10 Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress

With modern lifestyle and pressurized working environment follows stress. Stress is your past; it will not leave you until you decide to not care about it. Stress not only makes you upset but takes your entire body for a toss. Stress is directly linked with innumerable diseases and high stressed life is a common cause of heart-related disorders. Here are 10 quick techniques to beat the stress out of your life with simple practices!

10 stress-buster techniques:

Deep breathing is like exhaling the stress out of your body. Feeling the pressure at work? Relax, sit straight with eyes closed, inhale from your nose and exhale slowly from your mouth. Concentrate while you do this. Deep breathing counters stress as it lowers the heart rate and blood pressure leaving you feel relaxed.

Deep breathing

Mingling and socializing with the people you admire like friends, spouse etc. Talk it out and share because nothing is a better stress-buster than sharing.

Mingling and socializing

Concentrate on one thing at a time. Trying to be a multi-tasker can actually keep you stressed.


Tune in some music. It is said to connect to your soul and will instantly calm you down.

Tune in some music

Pair music with meditation. A few minutes of meditation everyday with a soothing background music diminishes anxiety. Sit up straight with eyes closed and focus on something you want to achieve for example I will not panic today. Focus on this thought while you effectively breathe out the negativity.

Pair music with meditation

Progressive muscle relaxation that can be easily performed at home is a proficient stress relieving technique.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Laugh! There is reason for impeccable comedy shows trending today. Because people laugh less, stress more! A good laugh has the capability to instantly lift up your mood as laughing forces your brain to release endorphin hormone that fights with the stress causing hormone cortisol and adrenaline.


Move your body. The moment you release you are feeling stressed or panicked, get up and take a toll. Walk or quickly do some stretching exercises like head rolls, shoulder or leg stretch as doing this releases good chemicals in the body and it deals with stress automatically.

move your body

Pick your own way to chill or do what you like. Like some cold coffee with loads of ice-cream? Have it! Love sleeping? Do it! Executing what you like will shoot the endorphins in your body as you are happy.

Pick your own way to chill or do what you like.

Yoga is one of the most competent arrays to deal with stress. Yoga will connect you to your inner peace bringing harmony between the mind, body and the soul. Asanas like Balasanas, Adho Mukha Savasana, Marjayasana proficiently control the blood pressure and capably kick out stress and anxiety. Yoga not only tames stress but also boosts the overall functioning of the body and aids in weight loss.


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