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10 Must Know Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Motherhood is a lovely but tedious phase. The smallest of the things need to be taken care of when it comes to a small baby. When a woman is pregnant she worries about what to eat so that the baby gets all the nutrients in the womb. Very few women are aware that this habit needs to extend even after the baby is delivered. Breastfeeding is excellent for the baby as well as for the mother. The perks of breastfeeding are beyond basic nutrition, they are stacked with disease-fighting substances that act as a shield for the baby. It is also said to reduce the chances of breast cancer for the mother.

10 foods to avoid while breastfeeding:

We know that we are what we eat, but do you know that your baby is also what you eat? As mothers you tend to eat what you like. You forget that breast milk gets its nutrients from the food a mother eats. So some food ingredients that you crave might not be liked by the baby or is not recommended for a baby. To make your motherhood easier we have curated a list of 10 food items that you should avoid while eating especially during the breastfeeding stage:


Caffeine passes into your bloodstream and in a similar manner is fed to your baby in the form of breast milk. Like caffeine in coffee keeps you charged up all day, it might keep the baby up always. Being unable to sleep the baby might get cranky. Also, caffeine is complex for the baby to digest. A cup or two of caffeine is the limit to abide by.



Without or without breastfeeding, alcohol is bad for health. It passes on the risks and cons to the baby.


Spicy food:

Indian food is incomplete without the spicy dash. Babies hate spicy food as much as you love them. Spicy food will make your baby fussy and irritated all the time.

Spicy food


The zest that garlic adds to the food also blends with breast milk. Some babies do not really relish this garlic flavored breast milk and end up scowling over it.



Peanuts are one of the most common ingredients that cause an allergy. If your family has a history of allergies, it is better to avoid peanuts to refrain from circulating this to the baby.



Peppermint is said to dwindle the milk supply due to presence of certain compounds. Therefore it is recommended to cut back on peppermint consumed in any form.



If you observe your baby crying for most of the day or has a tight belly or is colicky, it is time to check your diet. If you see yourself including a lot of citrus in the past days, you have found the culprit. Orange and orange juice is problematic for some babies. Substitute this vitamin C intake with strawberries, mangoes etc.



If your baby has a tight belly or is facing poop problems, look back in your diet. If you have included broccoli, cauliflower or similar gassy food in the recent past, your baby is reacting to these foods.


Dairy products:

Some babies are allergic to the proteins in dairy products that combine with breast milk. This leads to diarrhea, other colic symptoms or itchy/stuffy nose. Look for symptoms and evade cow milk dairy products.



Fish with high amount of mercury in it should be dodged to shelter the baby from any reactions.


Maintaining your diet in a way that your baby is sufficed with all the nutrients without the hassle of an allergy is strenuous. We at Healers at Home, provide efficient nutrition planning so that both the mother and baby are in pink of health at the comfort of their home. Apart from nutrition planning, as a part of our mother and child care, we aim to provide affordable and comprehensive postpartum nurturing for the toddler and amateur mother. Choose us to beat the motherhood blues!

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