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10 Home Safety Tips For Seniors

How to take care of our parents and grandparents at home? This has always been a very important topic since always. Most of the accidents with seniors tend to take place at home. Half of the population dies due to falls and more than 70 percent of these falls happen at home. It becomes really difficult to save the senior citizens in our home with all the factors getting against their safety. Factors that used to be the wheelchair for them tend to leave them with their aging. These factors include declining vision and hearing capability, sense of touch and strength of bones and muscles. Such factors increase the probability of facing the accidents in the home.

There are various methods that can be implemented for the safety of the seniors at home. Therapists provide treatments for such safety purposes. These treatments include balance training, strengthening, energy conservation methods, training in safe bathing, training in dressing in various positions and ambulation training. Ambulation training includes the training both with the assertive devices and without them on various surfaces such as stairs. Apart from the training and rebuilding the strength of the seniors, therapists also recommend safe home environment. It becomes very important to apply these home safety tips after the discharge so that the risk of getting involved in further accidents gets minimized.

Here are some home safety tips that must be used by every senior and caregiver:


There should be a camera installed in your home. This serves three purposes. First, it helps you keep a check on the activities of the elders at home that whether they are doing fine or not by directly using your mobile phones. Second, it helps you keep a check on the caregivers. Third, you can check that your home is safe from thieves and criminals or not.

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Put a button that can be pressed by the seniors just in case of any kind of emergency. There should be an alarm ringing every time the button is pressed so that you can safeguard the elders at your home.


There should be extra railings or walls installed at every place that seems to be dangerous for the seniors. This will avoid any kind of fall.


Safety from fire is very important for the elderly people at home. More than 30 percent people die because of some or the other fire accident. There should be proper fire alarms, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers installed at home.


Due to the impaired vision, various accidents take place at home. Therefore there should be sufficient lightning at each and every place at home. This avoids various accidents.


The elders do not have a very sharp memory. Therefore it should be kept in mind that some important numbers such as that of police, hospitals, a family member, and a trustworthy neighbor are easily and readily available to them.


There are various gadgets that can be used for the safety of the seniors. Such gadgets should be implemented at home.


Elders do not have much knowledge about the internet. Thus they are the easiest target for the cyber criminals. Therefore it becomes your duty that you teach them about such cyber attacks.


Spills should be cleaned up immediately, the wet surface might get a bit slippery for the elders at home.


Arrange all the furniture and all the other stuff in a proper manner with a proper spacing in order to make a sufficient and safe walking area.

The above-mentioned tips are the ten best tips that can be used in order to put a proper safety blanket over the elderly ones in your home. These will avoid maximum accidents that happen at home.

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