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10 Home Remedies to Fight the Common Cold

Winters are embraced with running or blocked noses. Cold irrespective of the season can be caught because of innumerable reasons. In reality, there is no specific cure for common cold. But Healers at Home matchless take care of your home health services and today we have curated top 10 home remedies to avert or cope with common cold.
10 remedies to fight common cold:


Easily available in every household, garlic is the epitome for home health care. With garlic’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, it opens up the respiratory system while flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. Boil a few garlic cloves and add some honey to it. Drink with water to restore your immune system.



Honey is a hard to believe tasty medicine! The nutrition content and enzymes in honey kill the bacteria causing cold and declines the span of annoying cold. Simply drink raw honey or fuse with lemon juice.


Spice tea:

Substitute your regular tea with spice tea to alleviate cold. Roast one table each of cumin, fennel, quarter cup coriander seeds and a quarter spoon of fenugreek seeds. Grind this mixture and add half a spoon of this mixture in boiling water. Once simmered, add some milk and strain the entire fusion.

Spice tea


Ginger being anti-viral, expectorant and anti-inflammatory in nature effortlessly combats common cold. As feasible, eat raw ginger. If you dislike the taste, add honey and lemon to ginger tea while you unwind yourself.


Chicken soup:

Let the foodie in your dance with joy because cold calls for a scrumptious chicken soup. Chicken soup will build your immunity in the long run as the stock and protein in chicken are exceptional for your health. Make sure to slurp home-made soup.

Chicken soup


Home health care or home -made food is incomplete without onions. Slice a bowl full of onions in a bowl with honey added on top. Cover the bowl for 12-15 hours to formulate the onion syrup. Drink this syrup to get instant relief for sore throat.



Capsaicin in pepper thins the mucus to dismiss congestion. Pepper can be added in any food ingredient to make it zesty and discharge cold at the same time.


Mullein tea:

Mullein or green tea can be sipped throughout the day for its incredible health benefits thus making a matchless home health care product. Chest congestion and sore throat can be eased because of its expectorant characteristic.

Mullein tea


Stacked with calcium, milk is one of the mandates for home health care. Milk when topped with turmeric and ginger power can reap marvelous results on bad cold days.



We surely do crave for cinnamon sticks for dessert, but cinnamon powder when mixed in boiled water with honey can allay the pain of a sore throat almost immediately.


With these easy to go home health care tips, why suffer with headaches, cough and body aches that follow common cold? They measures can be adopted daily to increase your immunity so that you can dodge cold and other common ailments in the future. Stay healthy!

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