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10 Essential Indian Foods In Your Diet & Their Health Benefits!


It is really important to consume a very balanced diet on a daily basis along with exercise or yoga. Having a good diet and practicing yoga for fitness can directly result in improved health and high energy levels. In India, we are always really heavy on carbohydrates, but the study suggests it’s always good to have a good balance of carbs, proteins, and fats in your diet. There are zillions of diets out there and sometimes it just gets too complicated. So, we are here to make your life easier by suggesting you with 10 essential Indian foods you can include in your diet for a healthier life.

1. Leafy Vegetables

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As Indians, we have been used to a lot of green leafy vegetables since childhood. Our mothers have always advocated the health benefits of green veggies and they are right about it. Lot of green vegetables like spinach, bitter gourd, fenugreek leaves have been used in India and they have a lot of health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Green Leafy vegetables:

  • Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins like vitamin A, C, and They help you build body’s natural defenses, maintain healthy skin and bones and preserve vision.
  • Leafy vegetables are also rich in potassium and iron which helps you fuel your body with energy.
  • Greens are an excellent source of fiber which aids digestion and improves the overall gut health.

2. Curd (Yogurt)

“Dahi” as it has been always known by us Indians, is an excellent vegetarian source of protein. Adding some protein in your diet is essential and curd is the perfect tasty solution for it. It is also rich in calcium and vitamin B-12 which have a lot of health benefits. The bacteria present in dahi are also really good for our gut health.

Health Benefits of Curd:

  • It is the best natural source of probiotic which can help increase immunity and improve gut health.
  • The curd is rich in protein and helps to build muscles and maintain muscle mass.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

3. Eggs

“Sunday ho ya Monday Roz Khao Ande” has been a slogan we’ve seen a lot on television. This slogan truly makes sense. Eggs are an extremely rich source of fats & proteins. They contain unsaturated fats which are healthy fats known to prevent cholesterol. There has been a wrong belief among Indians about high consumption of eggs leads to high cholesterol problems but a recent study suggests exactly the opposite.

Health Benefits of Eggs:

  • Eggs raise HDL (the good) cholesterol.
  • Egg yolks are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are shown to reduce the risk factor for heart diseases.
  • Eggs have the perfect balance of essential amino acids which are required by the human body. Eggs help in reducing weight, increasing muscle mass and optimizing bone health.

4. Pulses

Pulses form an important part of Indian diet. Mung bean, moth bean, pigeon pea, and lentil are some of the pulses which find a place on every Indians plate. They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and are also high on dietary fiber. For vegetarians, pulses are the major source of day to day protein needs.

Health Benefits of Pulses:

  • Low in fat and also cholesterol and gluten-free. They can keep you away from cardiovascular diseases.
  • They are a great source of dietary fiber and help you keep a healthy digestive system.
  • Pulses are a great source of folate. Folate basically helps the body in the generation of new cells.

5. Fruits

Fruits are a great alternative to unhealthy snacks. People often end up eating junk for those small food cravings. Fruits also help you curb sugar cravings. Most of the available fruits are low in fat, sodium, and calories. They are a source of many essential nutrients and have major health benefits.

Health Benefits of Fruits:

  • Consuming fruits regularly helps in proper functioning of the body.
  • Fruits are a great source of energy with low calories.
  • Fruits are rich in folic acid which is the essential nutrient for pregnant women. Folate is known to reduce many risks during fetal development.

6. Paneer

Paneer stands on the top of the list when it comes to a vegetarian diet. It is the most famous food item among vegetarians and not only vegetarians but everybody loves paneer for its amazing taste. But apart from its taste, there is a lot of health benefits associated with paneer.

Health Benefits of Paneer:

  • Paneer is rich in protein and calcium and helps strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Paneer is packed with magnesium which can help regulate blood sugar level and keep a check on the untimely spikes.
  • It also keeps you satiated for long directly resulting in weight loss.

7. Rice & Flour

If you go to the southern parts of India rice is a staple food. Rice and flour also form a major part of the Indian diet. We Indians consume rice and flour on daily basis but have you ever wondered about the health benefits these two have? Let’s check it out.

Health Benefits of Rice & Flour:

  • Rice & flour are high in insoluble fiber which is needed for our body to get rid of waste.
  • They are rich in all types of vitamin B and helps in slowing down the aging
  • Rice is an instant source of energy.

8. Indian Spices

Indian spices are something that is talked about all over the world. India is a country known to be making spicy food and spicy curries. But these spices don’t only add up to the taste of the food but also have some major health benefits.

Health Benefits of Spices:

  • Most of the Indian spices contain disease-fighting
  • Some of the Indian spices also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Many of the Indian spices also help fight infections and boost immunity.

9. Garlic

Other than Jain’s, all Indians heavily make use of garlic in almost all of the dishes they make. Garlic is like a tradition when it comes to cooking in India. Let us check out some of the health benefits of garlic.

Health Benefits of Garlic:

  • Garlic contains Allicin, a compound known for its medical properties.
  • Consuming garlic on daily basis helps lower cholesterol level.
  • It is a natural source of anti-bacterial agents.

10. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits if consumed moderately have great medicinal properties and health benefits. Dry fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

Health Benefits of Dry Fruits:

  • Dry fruits reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases.
  • They also help maintain a healthy cholesterol level.
  • They are rich in fiber and help maintain digestive health.

There are major health benefits of consuming the right diet while practicing yoga for fitness or working out at the gym. Whether you practice yoga for fitness or workout at the gym or even if you do not work out at all, consuming the right diet can eliminate many of the health issues and keep you fit.

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