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10 early signs and pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms of pregnancy can start showing in a female after the first few weeks of conception. A woman conceives after an egg gets fertilized and attaches itself to her womb. When this happens, the woman starts experiencing certain changes within that is not akin to her normally. These changes encompass what are referred to as the early symptoms of pregnancy. During this period, Mother and child care can be ensured by practicing yoga for beginners which is proven to work wonders. Some of these early symptoms are listed as under:

Missing periods –The moment a woman gets pregnant she seizes having her periods. This is the reason why a missing period normally is one of the first things many women use to detect whether they are pregnant or not. A missing period is especially a sure sign that a woman is pregnant if she is one who experiences her period on a regular basis but suddenly misses it. But it must be known that a missed period does not necessarily mean that a woman could be pregnant.

Frequent feeling of tiredness or fatigue – Exhaustion is another common sign of pregnancy. Here, pregnant woman might constantly feel tired even though they’ve not engaged in a strenuous activity that warrants fatigue.

Excess urination – Pregnant women tend to find themselves urinating more frequently than prior to pregnancy. The reason why women tend to urinate more often during pregnancy is a result of hormonal changes leading to an increased volume of blood in their system. This makes the kidneys start working harder, producing more urine.

Cravings and aversions for certain foods – Another typical sign of pregnancy is the sudden like and dislike of certain foods. When a woman is pregnant, she might suddenly find herself strongly disliking certain foods that she used to love very much. The woman might also find herself developing very strong cravings for certain foods.

Nausea – Another  common early sign of pregnancy is setting in of nausea or morning sickness. This nausea sometimes comes alone or is accompanied with frequent vomiting. Not all women experience this, but majority of women do experience morning sickness during this period.

Mood swings – Many pregnant women tend to experience mood swings frequently during this period. One minute they are happy and the next ,they become distressed for no apparent reason. So watch out closely husbands! :p

Constant feeling of dizziness – Dizziness is another common thing that pregnant women experience from time to time. The dizziness women experience during pregnancy comes as a result of the fact that blood vessels increase when they are pregnant leading to drop in blood pressure. This drop in blood pressure causes a feeling of dizziness or light-headedness in pregnant woman.

Implantation bleeding – This again is a very common sign of early pregnancy.It is slight bleeding that most pregnant women experience during the first weeks after conception. The bleeding comes as a result of the fertilized egg of the woman getting attached to the lining of her womb. This implantation bleeding normally occurs during the woman’s menstrual period and lasts for a very short time. Many women mistake this for their normal period.

Swollen and tender breasts – One of the most common signs of pregnancy in a woman is a change in her breasts. Not long after a woman conceives, her breast might begin to feel sore and very sensitive. The breast might also become tender.

Constipation sets– Most pregnant women experience constipation. According to health experts, there could be a variety of reasons why pregnant women tend to suffer from constipation. One of the reasons this happens is because of hormonal changes accompanying pregnancy.

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