10 Days of Yoga Poses for Brides-to-Be

As the date of the big day comes closer, stress multiplies with each passing hour. If you are unable to take a bridal retreat, fret not! Here is how you can glow, shred a few calories and keep the horses in your brain down with yoga exercises that are simple as ABC!f3435d135b09b250bb59c5662ad4917a--yoga-poses-evergreen-wedding

  • Day 8:

Eight days before the wedding, as a bride you can only be in two scenarios; probably be done with all the preps or going crazy with a quantum of things left to do After a long day of shopping when your feet feel numb, a relaxing leg up the wall pose is something you can reward yourself with. Sit about half a foot away from a wall and lie down on your back as you put your legs on the wall. Concentrate on your breathing while you slowly inhale, exhale and mentally prepare yourself for the next day’s chaos!


  • Day 7:

With one week to go; errands and casual family functions might have started jumping up at your house, and the diamond pose is what you need to liberate yourself after a cumbersome day of faking a smile. Sit down and touch the soles of your feet together in a way that your heels are about 2 feet away from your pelvis. Now inhale and lengthen your spine and exhale to reach your feet.


  • Day 6:

Women tend to hold a lot of tightness around the hips, and a few days before the wedding is the right time to loosen it up. Get into a downward facing dog position and walk your right foot front till the knee is right above the heel. Repeat on the other side.


  • Day 5:

Start by standing and putting your weight on the right foot while you press your left leg into the inner thigh of the right foot. Once you are stable in this position, inhale and raise your hands and join them to form a Namaste. This pose can prove to be terrific for the brides-to-be to achieve inner peace and stability.


  • Day 4:

With four days left, tension will reach its peak and yoga exercises are the only way to melt it and put you in a calmer state of mind. Stand with your legs open and inhale as you raise your hands in the air and exhale while you bend down to touch the ground. This pose is a synonym for inhaling positivity and exhaling the anxiety with each rep.


  • Day 3:

The countdown has begun, and so has your panic. This day of yoga exercises focuses on pacifying your apprehension by involving your partner. Take your left hand, press it on your right knee and take the right hand to press it on the left knee of your partner. When in place, breathe and exhale to your respective rights. This position will not only instigate the mandatory bond but gives you and your partner a sly reason to catch up right before the wedding. Healthy and romantic!


  • Day 2:

With the wedding scheduled a day later, looking good is not even an option. Every bride yearns for it! This exact day you will infuse poses in yoga for beautiful face to ooze radiance on the day after. Lie on your back and hug the knees to your chest. Now grab the most comfortable part- feet, ankles or back of the legs to pull the knees towards the floor alongside this chest. Being a playful yoga exercise, it will immerse you in joy thus making you feel and look blooming!


  • Day 1:

The day has finally arrived, and you have to embrace it most subtly. Meditation is the key to stay composed and patient on your marriage day. Get up before everyone, take a walk, spend some time with yourself in a quiet room and chant OM to enter a new stage assertively.

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